New 3-6-3 Overall Female World Record set March 22nd

Date: Apr 17, 2014

For two months, 13-year-old Chu-Chun Yang from Team Chinese-Taipei owned all three Overall World Records in the Female Division. One of those was taken away on March 22nd when 11-year-old Goeun Paek from Team Korea hit a time of 2.203 seconds in the 3-6-3 at the Jeonju Open Sport Stacking Championships in South Korea. Jeonju will be the site of this year's World Championships where Goeun and Chu-Chun will attempt to better their times and vie for the world's fastest in the Female Division. Congratulations to Goeun for her new record, and good luck to both girls at the World Championships on April 26th & 27th!



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