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WSSA adopts new standard for official timing system

Friday Jun 1st 2012
The WSSA is pleased to announce some exciting advances for how the WSSA tracks competition times. The all-new StackMat Pro Timer by Speed Stacks has been named the WSSA's official timing device, which will become the new standard beginning the first of January 2013 for WSSA sanctioned tournaments.

"The StackMat Pro Timer measures a stacker's time to the thousandth of a second, which will help decrease ties and be a more precise timing device as sport stacking continues to grow, and stackers get faster and faster. The timing mat has also been redesigned for a more optimum stacking surface."
Bob Fox, WSSA Executive Director
Here's the complete rundown on the WSSA's newly approved timing system:
  • The WSSA worked closely with the engineers at Speed Stacks to develop this new timing system, which significantly improves accuracy and reduces the likelihood of ties in competition.
  • The WSSA adopted the Speed Stacks Pro Timing System as the newest standard for sanctioned tournaments beginning January 1, 2013.
  • The recently released StackMat Pro Timer is the foundation of the system and measures a stacker's time to three decimal point accuracy (.000) compared to the existing Gen 2 StackMat Timer, with only two decimal point accuracy (.00).
  • The StackMat Pro Timer is used with the new Gen 3 Mat, which features an improved Timer mounting system, a smaller sleek shape and provides just the right size stacking surface for competition.
  • Rounding out the new system is the Tournament Display Pro which provides a three decimal point display that's compatible with the new Pro Timer. (Note: It also works with the Gen2 StackMat Timer and Mat.)
Other noteworthy information regarding official WSSA timing devices:
  • In addition to the StackMat Pro Timer and Gen 3 Mat, Speed Stacks has also recently introduced a new Gen 3 Timer with two decimal point accuracy. This is an entry-level timer that gives a beginning stacker competition-type experience at a more affordable price. It does not have a data port and cannot be used with a Tournament Display. Although not approved for WSSA sanctioned tournaments it may be used in "recognized" tournaments.
  • The StackMat Pro Timer and Gen 3 Timer are only compatible with the new Gen 3 Mat and its new mounting system - they are not compatible with the Gen 2 Mat. Similarly, the Gen 2 Timer is not compatible with the new Gen 3 Mat.
  • All of this new equipment is now available at www.speedstacks.com

Helpful Tips for New Tournament Timing System:

It's with excitement that the WSSA has introduced its new timing system, the Speed Stacks® StackMat Pro Timer, Gen 3 Mat and Tournament Display Pro. The implementation of this system to record a stacker's time to the 1/1000th of a second is a true advancement in sport stacking. As with any new technology, there will be a period of adjustment and in this case, we've had a few questions that we'd like to address, which should help stackers adapt to the new timing system.

1. Why is there sometimes a delay in the time shown on the Tournament Display? If a stacker's hands are left on the StackMat Timer after it has been stopped, there might be a delay in what is shown on the Tournament Display. This has no impact on the stacker's time. Once the hands are removed, the Tournament Display “catches up” and displays the correct final time. Judges are instructed to wait until a stacker's hands are removed from the Timer before recording a time. A good tip for stackers is to remove their hands immediately from the touch pads once the Timer has been stopped.

2. What happens if the Timer is dislodged from its base? If there are no fumbles, the stacker has completed the sequence properly, stopped the timer, and the cups are in their proper down-stacked position, the time on the dislodged timer will count. If there are any fumbles (including those caused by the dislodged timer), the stacker must fix them properly prior to stopping the timer, otherwise the run will be considered a scratch. The StackMat Pro Timer has been designed to remain on the base of its Gen 3 Mat when used properly. Just as stackers must learn to handle their cups proficiently, they also need to adapt to the timing device to keep it intact during the stacking sequence.

We trust these tips will help during this time of transition while adjusting to the new equipment.