Anna Struck ID: 5951


I am Anna Struck and would like access to my account.



This stacker does not have any records in our system yet.


Event Time Rank
3-3-3 1.979 395th
3-6-3 2.698 580th
cycle 6.798 175th
all-around 11.475 236th

Record's Legend: OWR DWR ONR DNR


Tournaments (7)

2016-2017 Time Rank
Deutsche Sport Stacking Meisterschaften 11.899 7th
2013-2014 Time Rank
German National Sport Stacking Championships 11.959 5th
3.Boffzener Weser cUP! 11.727 2nd
2012-2013 Time Rank
Niedersachsen Cup 11.906 1st
World Sport Stacking Championships 12.164 12th
Deutsche Sport Stacking Meisterschaften 12.349 5th
'2. Boffzener Weser cUP!' 12.175 7th

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