Kittikwin Thanomphongphan ID: 17705


i am Kittikwin Thanomphongphan and would like access to my account.



ce stacker n'a pas encore d'enregistrements dans notre système.


Épreuve Temps Rang
3-3-3 1.689 142nd
3-6-3 2.087 88th
cycle 5.822 43rd
all-around 9.598 56th

Légende Des Records: OWR DWR ONR DNR


Tournois (6)

2017 Temps Rang
The Stack Fighter 10.714 3rd
2016 Temps Rang
School Battle Sport Stacking Championships 14.673 24th
Asian Open Sport Stacking Championships 12.337 24th
Thailand National Sport Stacking Championships 13.002 18th
The Stack Fighter 10.181 4th
2015 Temps Rang
Thailand National Sport Stacking Championships 14.254 28th

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