TEAM USA Application

Team USA Application

Being a member of Team USA is not just about stacking fast, it requires a commitment to the team, to the sport and most importantly to yourself. Below are the basic requirements for being on the team, if you feel you can “Live Up” to this standard then please submit your application.

  • Stack in one major tournament each year
    • Junior Olympics
    • Worlds

- or -

  • Stack in a minimum of 3 smaller tournaments

- or -

  • Host or aid in the hosting of a tournament (Collegiate/Master stackers only)
  • Conduct/Host at least 3 demos, of which you must notify me that you are doing.

If for any reason you are not able to meet these standards you may be removed from the active Team roll. If there are extenuating circumstances you must contact me directly as to why you are not able to meet these standards.

Stacker Information
Additional Information
Stacker/Parent Agreement

I agree to the following...

I understand that my child has completed this application for membership with Team USA and approve this application; furthermore, I understand that this application in no way obligates Team USA or guarantees that my child will be selected to Team USA.

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