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2013_stackup STACK UP! Overview

2013_stackup STACK UP! Overview


STACK UP! started in New Zealand

Verification numbers should be coming in soon...

Keep track of STACK UP! as it moves around the world. First stop is New Zealand, last stop Hawaii! The number to beat: 0!

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  • Glanton Hindsman Elementary 225 Stackers
    We Had Thanksgiving Lunch So I Ended Up With The Entire 2nd Grade (115 Students) In The Gym. So Students Took Turns Stacking And Exercing For The Exploratory Period..
    -- Mark C. (Villa Rica, GA United States)
  • Greenport Elementary School PE 270 Stackers
    It Was An Incredible Day! The Students Had A Blast All Enjoyed The Excitement Of Being Involved In Breaking The Guinness Record..
    -- Cindy S. (Greenport, NY United States)
  • West Chatham Elementary School 140 Stackers
    The Children Were Truly Excited About Participating And Using The Speed Stacks. They Loved Using The Timer And Mat And Competing Against One Another. I Also Had Individual Timers Where They Could Time One Another And We Did Class Competitions. When I Was In The Lunchroom On Lunch Duty Today I Heard Conversations Children Were Having About The Event. I Have Also Had Children Come Up To Me Asking If They Could Do What The Other Children Were Doing..
    -- Linda R. (Pooler, GA United States)
  • Hallett Elementary 485 Stackers
    In Our School Each Grade Level Came To The Gym For Relays And Free Stacking Time. Fun Was Had By All!.
    -- Deanna C. (Medical Lake, WA United States)
  • Holgate Middle School 143 Stackers
    I Did Stations With Each Of My 40 Minute Physical Education Classes.
    -- Laurel F. (Aberdeen, SD United States)
  • McNab Elementary 25 Stackers
    The Kids Had A Blast With The Cup Stacking Challenge!!!.
    -- Kaye P. (POMPANO BEACH, FL United States)
  • Murray Elementary School/ Fort Stewart/Dodea Dist 130 Stackers
    Great Day Kids Love The Stickers.
    -- Bobby C. (Fort Stewart, Ga, GA United States)
  • Ben Calf Robe School 248 Stackers
    Our Stack Up! Day Was Wonderful. Students Stacked Alone, With Partners, For Speed, And In Relay Reces Using Jumbo Stacks. We Also Collected Items For The Local Food Bank!.
    -- Roberta W. (Edmonton, AB Canada)
  • Eisenhower Ele School -Camp Hill SD 75 Stackers
    Students Were Pulled Together During Their Specials Time To Stack. We Were Able To Have 75 Students In Grades 3-5 All Stack. They Had A Really Good Time..
    -- Sandra F. (Camp Hill, PA United States)
  • Lincoln Elementary School 230 Stackers
    We Played Two Games. Builders And Bulldozers Along With A 3-6-3 Relay. The Kids Had A Lot Of Fun And Got Really Sweaty!.
    -- Jennifer M. (Palatine, IL United States)
  • Virginia CUSD #64 203 Stackers
    We Did Stacking Stations, It Worked Out Great..
    -- Abby W. (Virginia, IL United States)
  • St. Paul's Lutheran School 68 Stackers
    We Got A Late Start Because The Local TV Station Showed Up. They Interviewed Teachers And Students And To Some Footage For The KOTA Evening News. FUN Was Had By ALL!.
    -- Bert B. (Rapid City, SD United States)
  • Tomahawk Elementary 245 Stackers
    Depending On Grade Level...we Introduced Speed Stacks To Kindergarteners....work On Competition Stacks With 1st And 2nd Graders......3rd-5th Graders We Had Timings, Relays, Games, And Head To Head Competition..
    -- Woody W. (Lynchburg, VA United States)
  • Sunset Valley Elementary 166 Stackers
    Students Had A Blast. I Even Had My Record Holder From Years Ago Come And Stack After She Got Out Of School..
    -- Karen R. (Lees Summit, MO United States)
  • Bovina Elementary 55 Stackers
    It Was An Awesome Day! The Kids And I Had Fun Competing With Each Other. We Look Forward To Next Year..
    -- Jo Ann L. (Bovina, TX United States)
  • Kid Gym Oberrüti 45 Stackers
    We Had A Lot Of Fun Doing Different Activities With The Cups..
    -- Monika A. (Oberrüti, Switzerland)
  • Scoula Cumünela Da Samedan 33 Stackers
    I Did It In The Classroom With My Students. Learning The 333 And The 363. We Skored The Best Three Of 333 And 363..
    -- Gilbert R. (Samedan, Switzerland)
  • Ridgeway Elementary School 75 Stackers
    We Did Stations. Jumbos, Minis, Competition Stacking, Battlestack And Creation/Build.
    -- Denise K. (Ridgeway, WI United States)
  • Carpenter Elementary School 208 Stackers
    Students Were Very Excited To Be Part Of This Event!.
    -- Lisa C. (Ann Arbor, MI United States)
  • Reeves-Hinger Elementary 640 Stackers
    We Had Two Gyms Going With 35-35 Students Every 30 Minutes. We Did Everything From Stack Mats, To Jumbo Cups, To Solo Cups, To Free Style, To Partner Stacking. It Was A Great Day !.
    -- Linda N. (Canyon, TX United States)
  • Lake Ridge Elementary 188 Stackers
    Lots Of Fun~.
    -- Lindsey N. (Magna, UT United States)
  • Webster Elementary School 200 Stackers
    We Did Rotating Stations Of Different Types Of Stacks And Races..
    -- Karri S. (Watertown, WI United States)
  • Isabel F Cox School 75 Stackers
    We Used The Stack Spots And Timers Along With Our Big Cups To Have A Fun Stacking Experience. The Gym Was Buzzing With Excitement As They Moved To The Stations And Enjoyed The Dance Music In The Backround..
    -- Candace R. (Redcliff, AB Canada)
  • Hanover Street Elementary 150 Stackers
    This Was Our First Year With Jumbo Stacks---fantastic Addition!!!.
    -- Jack S. (hanover, PA United States)
  • Meadow Ridge Elementary 82 Stackers
    Students Gave Up Their Last Recess To Come To The Cafeteria To Enjoy "music To Stack By"..
    -- Kathy M. (Rockford, MI United States)
  • Yodfat Elementary Nazareth Elite 53 Stackers
    The School Recently Purchased A Sport Pack And Today 12 Fourth Graders Taught 41 First Graders How To Stack 3-3 And Do The 6..
    -- Reut A. (Nazareth Elite, Israel)
  • Mathews Elementary 500 Stackers
    We Did Different Sport Stacking Stations: Towers, Relays, And Timed Events.
    -- Carol B. (Plano, TX United States)
  • Poole Elementary School 156 Stackers
    Each Student Worked On The Complete Cycle Stack Doing Step By Step Stacks (3, 6, Then 10 Stack) Then Worked On The Cycle Stack..
    -- Michele R. (Dallas, GA United States)
  • Tallwood Elementary School 459 Stackers
    It Went Wonderfully. The Kids Had An Amazing Time..
    -- Rocky G. (Virginia Beach, VA United States)
  • Arthur Stevenson Elementary School 43 Stackers
    -- Amanda Y. (Kamloops, BC Canada)
  • Prairie View Elementary 400 Stackers
    We Had A Great Time And Shared Our Experience On Twitter And Periscope All Morning #Stackup2015 @pvhawkspe.
    -- Ryan W. (Spokane, WA United States)
  • FSG Elementary School 52 Stackers
    The Students Competed Against Each Others To Do Cup Stacking! The Students Enjoyed Stacking And Really Got Better With The Practice The Past Couple Of Weeks..
    -- Beth H. (Ridgway, PA United States)
  • Habonim Elementary 47 Stackers
    1st-4th Graders Taught Pre-schoolers How To Stack..
    -- Smadar E. (Haifa, Israel)
  • Endeavour Intermediate School 263 Stackers
    It Went Great Again! We Had Challenges And Tournaments With Prizes..
    -- Henry R. (Milton, WA United States)
  • Christ The King Catholic School 60 Stackers
    The Students Participated In Cup Relays, Builders And Bulldozers, Stack Tag, And Building Creative Towers. It Was A Blast!.
    -- Don F. (Wichita, KS United States)
  • Storm Lake St. Marys 80 Stackers
    Students Always Love This Day. They Mentally And Physically Work..
    -- Jessy B. (Storm Lake, IA United States)
  • LANDMARK SCHOOL 170 Stackers
    All Students Came To Physical Education And Stacked For The Entire Class. One Half Of The Gym Was Set Up For Stacking Games And The Other Half Was Set Up For Stacking Relays And Activities..
    -- Cynthia F. (MANCHESTER, MA United States)
  • Timber Ridge Elem 114 Stackers
    Students Enjoyed Stacking And Some Friendly Competition With Other Students And Me (the PE Teacher) As They Came To PE! It Was A Fun Day!.
    -- Tonya B. (McDonough, GA United States)
  • Conner Street Elementary 115 Stackers
    Students Competed In A Class Vs. Class Minute To Win It Competition And Also They Competed In A 3-3-3 Stack Challenge..
    -- Teddy S. (Hurricane, WV United States)
  • Shearer Elementary School 123 Stackers
    We Participated In STACK UP By Stacking During Our PE Classes. At One Time We Had Three Classes Stacking Together! Our Older Students Had The Opportunity To Work With Our Younger Students In This Activity..
    -- Mechelle H. (Winchester, KY United States)
  • Dixie Public School 313 Stackers
    It Was A Fabulous Day Where We Had Relay Races, Competed In 'Builders & Bashers', Timed 3-3-3, 3-6-3 And The Cycle.
    -- Truong V. (Mississauga, ON Canada)
  • École Centrale 260 Stackers
    Everybody Had A Great Time. We Built Structures And Did Some 1 Vs 1 Competitions..
    -- Gilles B. (Winnipeg, MB Canada)
  • Princess Elizabeth School 160 Stackers
    We Had Stations Around The Gym That Students Participated In And Had A Lot Of Un!.
    -- Amanda M. (Saint John, NB Canada)
  • Attucks Elementary 155 Stackers
    We Stacked In Every PE Class..
    -- Carri K. (Kansas City, MO United States)
  • Boiling Springs Intermediate School 356 Stackers
    I Had Two Other Classes Join Me. We Each Have 5 Classes A Day So We Added It All To One. Pam Isbell's Class Joined Mine. So The Number Reflects All 3 Classes..
    -- David W. (Boiling Springs, SC United States)
  • G.O. Bailey Primary School 161 Stackers
    We Started Off With 3 Classes Participate In The Relay Style Cup Stacking In The Gym (1st Grade) And Throughout The Day, When Classes Came To The Media Center, We Let Them Cup Stack For The Entire Block (30minutes) Instead Of A Story Time Or A Library Lesson. We Also Allowed Kindergarten Students To Participate In The Cup Stacking And Taught Them How To Do 3-3-3, Which They Did A Great Job Grasping The Concept..
    -- Emy A. (Tifton, GA United States)
  • Alice Beal Elementary 229 Stackers
    Everyone At Our School Stacks, From Kindergarten To 5th Grade. Even The Principal Took Part In The Event!!.
    -- Cindy C. (Springfield, MA United States)
  • Orangewood Elem 600 Stackers
    Children Played March Madness, Used Jumbo Stacks For Relays And Used Timers For School Records.
    -- Deb D. (Fort Myers, FL United States)
  • Christian Academy Of Louisville 81 Stackers
    Students Participated In Relays And Timed Races Today During PE..
    -- LeAnn H. (Louisville, KY United States)
  • Kvuzat Yavne 60 Stackers
    Stations Around The Table Making Music With The Cups, Relays, Doubles, Cycles With The Timer, And Agility Exercises..
    -- Hanna N. (Kibbutz Kvuzat Yavne, Israel)
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