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2013_stackup STACK UP! Overview

2013_stackup STACK UP! Overview


STACK UP! started in New Zealand

Verification numbers should be coming in soon...

Keep track of STACK UP! as it moves around the world. First stop is New Zealand, last stop Hawaii! The number to beat: 0!

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  • Warren County YMCA 31 Stackers
    Used The Day Off From School To Involve The Day Care And After School Programs To Combine To Reach The Goal. After They Learned The Sport Of Stacking, They Really Enjoyed Building A Cup Pyramid Around One Of Their Classmates..
    -- Christine D. (Warren, PA United States)
  • Shearer Elementary School 123 Stackers
    We Participated In STACK UP By Stacking During Our PE Classes. At One Time We Had Three Classes Stacking Together! Our Older Students Had The Opportunity To Work With Our Younger Students In This Activity..
    -- Mechelle H. (Winchester, KY United States)
  • Roy Elementary School K-Kids 110 Stackers
    We Had A Busy And Fun Day Stacking Cups..
    -- William P. (Northlake, IL United States)
  • French Elementary 306 Stackers
    Nine Student Classes Stacked During Their PE Classes. We Did Three Stations Where Students Could Stack At Tables, Play A Game Of Fetch 12 Or Stackers And Blasters, And Practice With Jumbo Cups. This Event Was From 9am-3pm. Later In The Evening, We Had A Family Night At School, Where Parents And Students Did Rotations Of Stacking Cups- Jumbos, Mini's And Regular Size. Everyone Had A Great Time!.
    -- Maria P. (Colorado Springs, CO United States)
  • Pepin Academy 226 Stackers
    The Students Were So Excited To Participate After Being A Part Of The Stack UP! Last Year,.
    -- Denise M. (Tampa, FL United States)
  • St. Mary's Colgan 82 Stackers
    It Was A Fun Day In PE!.
    -- Cathy O. (Pittsburg, KS United States)
  • McKinley High School 300 Stackers
    McKinley Students Enjoy Another Great Day Of Stacking.
    -- Mike L. (Buffalo, NY United States)
  • Messiah Lutheran School 137 Stackers
    Students Enjoyed Stacking. Videos Clips Were Taken Of Each Group And Sent To Parents. They Loved It!.
    -- Rochelle B. (Lincoln, NE United States)
  • Coffizz 26 Stackers
    It's Our First Year To Actually Doing STACK UP! We Only Just Have 26 Total Stacker To Doing STACK UP! But This Activity Is So FUN. Very Excited For Next Year STACK UP!!!.
    -- Fan Y. (Beijing, China)
  • Carleton Consolidated School 95 Stackers
    STACK UP! Day Went Amazing! The Students Were Motivated. I Had 4 Stations Set Up In The Gym With Different Stacking Activities And They Rotated Through..
    -- Nicole S. (Carleton, NS Canada)
  • Riverwoods School, St Cloud Children's Home 57 Stackers
    All Physical Education Students Participated And A Recreation Therapy Group As Well. Fun Time Had By All! Thanks.
    -- Rick R. (St Cloud, MN United States)
    We Completed The March Madness Final 4, And Starburst Relay, And The Cup Hunt And Stack Game. Students Were Also Able To Showcase Their Quickest Times And Try To Beat The School Record. I Was Only Planning To See Some Of My Students Today, But Was Able To Rearrange My Schedule And The Schedule At My School So That I Could See Every Student. Thankfully The Art And Music Teachers Helped Me!.
    -- COY R. (POTTERVILLE, MI United States)
  • Butterfield School 78 Stackers
    Final Day Of Club. Finished Racing. Had A Blast. Thanks For The Stickers..
    -- Patrick K. (Libertyville, IL United States)
  • Dix Street Elementary 305 Stackers
    It Was Great! The Kids Love To Speed Stack!.
    -- Mark R. (Otsego, MI United States)
  • Horse Heaven Hills 487 Stackers
    We Had More Had A Great Day Of Cup Stacking Stations. We Had More Stackers Than Anticipated Because Another Teacher And His Decided To Join Us For Our Day Of Stacking. Giving Us About 130 More Stackers!.
    -- Lisa M. (Kennewick, WA United States)
  • Larson Heights Elementary School 148 Stackers
    Each Grade Level Competed At The 3-6-3 Configuration. The Girl And Boy Winner From Each Grade Level Then Competed Against Each Other. The Ultimate Winner Received The Free Set Of Cups You Sent Me..
    -- Pam T. (Moses Lake, WA United States)
  • Lexington Elementary School 45 Stackers
    We Used The Cup Stacking Activity In Our Library. Students Were Able To Free Stack Or Follow Steps To Duplicate Patterns..
    -- Susan D. (Lexington, SC United States)
  • Orangewood Elem 600 Stackers
    Children Played March Madness, Used Jumbo Stacks For Relays And Used Timers For School Records.
    -- Deb D. (Fort Myers, FL United States)
  • Morrish Elementary 48 Stackers
    I Had Third Graders Play "Builders And Bulldozers" And We Rotated Through Stations: Speedstack Relay, Speedstack 4 Square, Speedstack Challenge, And Speedstack Timer. Fifth Graders Played "Builders And Bulldozers" Then Stacked Six Cups, Challenging Others. The Last Activity We Did Was "King Or "Queen Of The Mountain..
    -- Terrilee P. (Swartz Creek, MI United States)
  • Sandy Hill Elementary School 426 Stackers
    Cups Aplenty, Cups Galore, Stack Some Cups, Stack Some More. Stack Cups Up, Stack Cups Down, Stacking Cups All Around. Collecting Food, Flying Hands, See Us Stacking Cans. What A A Day, We All Had Fun, Stack Up 2015 Now Done..
    -- Kim L. (CAmbridge, MD United States)
  • Florida Christian School 557 Stackers
    We Were Able To Include More Grades This Year Than We Have In Past Years. 5K - 9th Grade Stacked A Variety Of Stacking Activities!.
    -- Julie C. (Miami, FL United States)
  • Picnic Point Elementary School 286 Stackers
    A Very Fun Activity Of Cup Stacking Warm Ups, Skill Building And "rapid Relays"..
    -- Philip F. (Edmonds, WA United States)
  • Morehead Elementary 616 Stackers
    All Students K-5 Who Were Present At School Today Participated In STACK UP! Day Using Various Stacking And Fitness Activities..
    -- Vicky S. (Greensboro, NC United States)
  • Muritai School 27 Stackers
    We Had A Fantastic Time Stacking. We Did Battlestack, Stack Spots, Jumbo Stacks And Individual Stacking..
    -- Deane M. (Eastbourne, New Zealand)
  • ZWest Middle School 123 Stackers
    We Did Speed Stack Tag To Start. Also, We Did Relay Racing, And Tower Building..
    -- Tammy N. (Whitestown, IN United States)
  • Corinth Elementary School 50 Stackers
    The Kids Had A Blast..
    -- Rhonda C. (Gaffney, SC United States)
  • Salem City Schools 71 Stackers
    The Students Watched The Instructional Video And Stacked. This Was The First Day Of The Cup Stacking Unit..
    -- Elizabeth M. (Salem, OH United States)
  • Widukind Gymnasium Enger 67 Stackers
    We Did The 3-3-3 Double With Changing Hands. Every Participant Had To Chose A New Double Partner: A Student Or A Teacher. A Lot Of Fun For Everybody!.
    -- Andrea K. (Enger, Germany)
  • McNab Elementary 25 Stackers
    The Kids Had A Blast With The Cup Stacking Challenge!!!.
    -- Kaye P. (POMPANO BEACH, FL United States)
  • Kearney Middle School 285 Stackers
    All Of My PE Classes Participated. Had Stations Set Up That Students Could Choose From..
    -- Kristin G. (Commerce City, CO United States)
  • Shawsheen Elementary .. 150 Stackers
    Stacked All Day Had Competitions And Fitness Cup Stacking Activities Also Had An Obstacle Course.
    -- Christopher Z. (Greeley, CO United States)
  • Schuster Elementary 210 Stackers
    The Kids Had A Blast. We Did Kinder Through Fifth Grade..
    -- Lalena F. (El Paso, TX United States)
  • Troy Junior High School 97 Stackers
    Students Competed In Stations Using Stackdeck Cards..
    -- Kurt S. (Troy, OH United States)
  • Juarez-Lincoln Elementary @ U.D.D.H. / U.I.S.D. 777 Stackers
    We Had An Awesome Day! The Students Had A Blast. We Had So Much Fun, Can't Wait For Next Year..
    -- Lisandra C. (Rio Bravo, TX United States)
  • Princess Elizabeth School 160 Stackers
    We Had Stations Around The Gym That Students Participated In And Had A Lot Of Un!.
    -- Amanda M. (Saint John, NB Canada)
  • Millennium Charter Academy 122 Stackers
    It Was A Fun Day For All. The Students Had A Blast! They Really Liked The Stickers And Being Part Of A World Record..
    -- Susan G. (Mt. Airy, NC United States)
  • Denmark School District 28 Stackers
    Kids Loved It.
    -- Brian W. (denmark, WI United States)
  • Austin Elementary 628 Stackers
    Our STACK UP! Day Was Awesome!.
    -- Carol S. (Abilene, TX United States)
  • Seeger High School 216 Stackers
    We Had Stations This Year. We Hit All 5 Components Of Fitness With Our Stations And Had A Selfie Station!.
    -- Diane H. (West Lebanon, IN United States)
  • The Village Children's Program 30 Stackers
    It Was Awesome. All The Children In My Program Participated And Are Excited To Be Part Of A World Guinness Record..
    -- Ahmed B. (Markham, ON Canada)
  • A.S Jenks Elementary School 204 Stackers
    We Had A Blast Today. All Of My Classes Were Able To Participate In This Fantastic Event For The 2nd Year In A Row. Some Children Were Competing Against Each Other While Others Were Trying To Beat Their Own Time..
    -- Justine S. (philadelphia, PA United States)
  • A. Maceo Walker 71 Stackers
    We Started Off With A Practice Round For 3-3-3 And Then We Did A Relay Race And End With A Elimination Game. Using 6-6.
    -- Marcus C. (Memphis, TN, TN United States)
  • Pleasantview Elementary 143 Stackers
    Day Went Great, The Kids Loved It!.
    -- Robin C. (Lakefield, MN United States)
  • St Joseph's School Opunake 108 Stackers
    We Had So Much Fun! Each Class Had A Turn At Practising Their Stacking- 3 Cups Then 6 Cups. Then The Competition Began: Challenging Your Stacking Buddy, Playing "clean Your House" While Sharpening Their Stack-up/stack-down Skills. And Finally The Stack Up Cards- PE Type Activities. Crazy, But Organised Chaos! The Children Also Brought Along Non-perishable Items For Our Local Foodbank. Thanks WSSA For An Awesome Day!!.
    -- Stephanie V. (Opunake, New Zealand)
  • Oak Orchard Elementary School 152 Stackers
    Our Students Rotated Between 9 Different Stations. They Had A Great Time And Were Excited About Being Apart Of Record Setting Event!.
    -- Pam M. (Medina, NY United States)
  • Meadowlark Elementary 250 Stackers
    The Stack Up Day Was Great. The Kids All Had A Blast!.
    -- Kami W. (Salt Lake City, UT United States)
  • New Cesarea Elementary 335 Stackers
    As The Finale To A Week Of Stacking At School, All Of The Students Had An Hour Together To Break Personal Records And Have Fun..
    -- Nitsan E. (Cesarea, Israel)
  • Roan Creek Elementary School 90 Stackers
    It Went Great And Students Loved Participating.
    -- Penny G. (Mountain City, TN United States)
  • Wolf Creek Elementary 545 Stackers
    We Did Stations Around The Gym With Fun Music!.
    -- Stephanie M. (Broken Arrow, OK United States)
  • Westcliff Elementary Sportstacking Club 46 Stackers
    Stacked With 46 Of My 2nd Graders During PE Class. It Was Awesome!.
    -- Mark G. (Fort Worth, TX United States)
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