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2013_stackup STACK UP! Overview

2013_stackup STACK UP! Overview


STACK UP! started in New Zealand

Verification numbers should be coming in soon...

Keep track of STACK UP! as it moves around the world. First stop is New Zealand, last stop Hawaii! The number to beat: 0!

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  • Springfield Park Elementary 157 Stackers
    K-5 Students Participated In Cup Stacking Activities Throughout The Day..
    -- Lori M. (Glen Allen, VA United States)
  • Carpenter Elementary School 208 Stackers
    Students Were Very Excited To Be Part Of This Event!.
    -- Lisa C. (Ann Arbor, MI United States)
  • Bayswater School 68 Stackers
    We Started With A Live Broadcast On National Television At 7.50am. After Morning Tea We Took Turns In Classes To Stack For The Time Allocated... We Raced, Had Team Races And Learnt How To Do Doubles..
    -- Marianne C. (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Bovina Elementary 55 Stackers
    It Was An Awesome Day! The Kids And I Had Fun Competing With Each Other. We Look Forward To Next Year..
    -- Jo Ann L. (Bovina, TX United States)
  • Greenwood Mill Elementary School 310 Stackers
    During PE Class, We Taught The Students The 3-6-3 And The Cycle. The Students Practiced Their Stacking And Worked On Improving Their Personal Best Time At Stations Set Up With Mats And Timers..
    -- Mike W. (Winchester, VA United States)
  • Fairbanks Elementary 148 Stackers
    Kids Liked The Idea Of Being Part Of The Guinness World Records.
    -- Stephanie F. (Milford Center, OH United States)
  • Glasscock Elementary 425 Stackers
    This Morning, November 12th 2015, My Principal Allowed Me To Have A School Wide Assembly To Get All Students Involved In The Cup Stacking Event. I Originally Only Registered 65 Students, However The Whole School Participated. It Was An Awesome Morning. All Kids Had A Great Time. We Did Relay Races With Each Class..
    -- Talbin O. (Lebanon, KY United States)
  • St. Patrick School 92 Stackers
    We Used It As An Opportunity To Gather Food For Our Local Food Bank. We Had A Great Turnout!!.
    -- Elaine C. (Brighton, MI United States)
  • Parkwood Heights Elementary School 110 Stackers
    Students Stacked For A Minimum Of 30 Minutes. For Some It Was Their Very First Time Stacking And They Loved It!.
    -- Debbie W. (Bathurst, NB Canada)
  • Meadow Ridge Elementary 82 Stackers
    Students Gave Up Their Last Recess To Come To The Cafeteria To Enjoy "music To Stack By"..
    -- Kathy M. (Rockford, MI United States)
  • Beech Hill Elementary School 500 Stackers
    We Had Students In Grades K-5 Doing All Kids Of Stacking Activities!!! We Practiced Our Techniques And Even Had Competitions To See Who Could Stack The Fastest!.
    -- Kara M. (Summerville, SC United States)
  • Reeves-Hinger Elementary 640 Stackers
    We Had Two Gyms Going With 35-35 Students Every 30 Minutes. We Did Everything From Stack Mats, To Jumbo Cups, To Solo Cups, To Free Style, To Partner Stacking. It Was A Great Day !.
    -- Linda N. (Canyon, TX United States)
  • Debra Golembieski 160 Stackers
    Relays Went Well, Students Were Very Excited To Break Last Years Record..
    -- Debra G. (East Haven, CT United States)
  • Finland Elementary 175 Stackers
    I Had All 2nd Graders And There Teachers Along With Some Extra Participants Stacking At The Same Time!.
    -- Mark E. (Columbus, OH United States)
  • Garfield Elementary School USD 480 186 Stackers
    It Went Great As Expected! Kids Did Competitions And Had A Blast!.
    -- Summer P. (Liberal, KS United States)
  • McElwain Elementary School 207 Stackers
    All Went As Planned. I Taught 6 Classes Of PE And Had An After School Sportstacking Club As Well!.
    -- Laurie G. (Denver, CO United States)
  • Murray Elementary School/ Fort Stewart/Dodea Dist 130 Stackers
    Great Day Kids Love The Stickers.
    -- Bobby C. (Fort Stewart, Ga, GA United States)
  • New Sweden School 56 Stackers
    We Had An Awesome Day And Played 5 Cup Stacking Games. The School Opened Up With The Game Fetch 12 With Four Teams. I Created Game Called Cup Biathlon And The Students Had A Blast. The Students Had A Team Of Four And They Completed Against Each Other As A Relay. The Student Had To Stack A 3-6-3 And Then Throw A Yarn Ball From 10 Feet Way. If The Student Miss They Had To Run A Penalty Lap. The First Team Done Sit Down To Determine The Winner. Then We Did A 3 Stack Relay Set And Set Down. We Also Played The Of Survivor And And At The End Student Stacked Cups Around The Principle..
    -- Thomas B. (New Sweden, ME United States)
  • Dixie Public School 313 Stackers
    It Was A Fabulous Day Where We Had Relay Races, Competed In 'Builders & Bashers', Timed 3-3-3, 3-6-3 And The Cycle.
    -- Truong V. (Mississauga, ON Canada)
  • Anastasia Elementary School 603 Stackers
    We Had A Great Day! What A Super Experience!.
    -- Tracey C. (Long Branch, NJ United States)
  • Troy Junior High School 97 Stackers
    Students Competed In Stations Using Stackdeck Cards..
    -- Kurt S. (Troy, OH United States)
  • Little Valley CSD 58 Stackers
    This Was Our First Time Participating In The STACK UP!. It Was Our Preschool Classes Who Competed With Each Other In A Relay As Well As Helped Build The Biggest Cup Tower They Have Ever Seen. Even A Police Officer And The Principle Competed Against Each Other In Front Of The Students And The Students Loved Seeing Their Principle Struggle Through It. We Had One Team Who Won Ribbons For Being First To Complete The Relay And Another Team Who Won Ribbons For Being Encouragers To The Other Members On The Team. We Loved Getting To Be Part Of Such A Big Event And I Hope This Is Just The Beginning For Our School!.
    -- Tara S. (Cattaraugus, NY United States)
  • Millennium Charter Academy 122 Stackers
    It Was A Fun Day For All. The Students Had A Blast! They Really Liked The Stickers And Being Part Of A World Record..
    -- Susan G. (Mt. Airy, NC United States)
  • Shearer Elementary School 123 Stackers
    We Participated In STACK UP By Stacking During Our PE Classes. At One Time We Had Three Classes Stacking Together! Our Older Students Had The Opportunity To Work With Our Younger Students In This Activity..
    -- Mechelle H. (Winchester, KY United States)
  • Lively Elementary 739 Stackers
    We Had A Great Day Of Practice And Comepetions. We Also Made IPad Projects Teaching How To Cupstack. We Posted On Periscope And Twitter And Sent Info Home To Parents. Students Had A Blast!! They Were So Excited!!.
    -- Maresa M. (Irving, TX United States)
  • Knickrehm Elementary School 40 Stackers
    Stack Up Went Very Smooth This Year! Students Were Thrilled And Loved Their Sticker!.
    -- Kathryn O. (Grand Island, NE United States)
  • St Joseph's School Opunake 108 Stackers
    We Had So Much Fun! Each Class Had A Turn At Practising Their Stacking- 3 Cups Then 6 Cups. Then The Competition Began: Challenging Your Stacking Buddy, Playing "clean Your House" While Sharpening Their Stack-up/stack-down Skills. And Finally The Stack Up Cards- PE Type Activities. Crazy, But Organised Chaos! The Children Also Brought Along Non-perishable Items For Our Local Foodbank. Thanks WSSA For An Awesome Day!!.
    -- Stephanie V. (Opunake, New Zealand)
  • Rose Hill Elementary 142 Stackers
    We Had A Great Day! We Warmed Up With The Exercise Spots And Watched The Movie "Stacker" While We Stacked..
    -- Daniel S. (Commerce City, CO United States)
  • Brier Terrace Middle School 640 Stackers
    Our Middle School Students Had A Great Time!.
    -- Sue S. (Brier, WA United States)
  • Holgate Middle School 143 Stackers
    I Did Stations With Each Of My 40 Minute Physical Education Classes.
    -- Laurel F. (Aberdeen, SD United States)
  • Prairie View Elementary 400 Stackers
    We Had A Great Time And Shared Our Experience On Twitter And Periscope All Morning #Stackup2015 @pvhawkspe.
    -- Ryan W. (Spokane, WA United States)
  • Teague Intermediate School 81 Stackers
    The Kids Loved It. I Had Stations Set Up Around The Gym Or They Could Build. I Normally Teach Cups In January, So This Was A Treat To The Students To Get To Use Early!!.
    -- Melanie C. (Teague, TX United States)
  • Bing Wong Elementary 32 Stackers
    I Gave A Short Demo On Speed Stacking And Free Stacking Then The Students Participated In 40 Minutes Of Cup Stacking..
    -- John M. (San Bernardino, CA United States)
  • Morehead Elementary 616 Stackers
    All Students K-5 Who Were Present At School Today Participated In STACK UP! Day Using Various Stacking And Fitness Activities..
    -- Vicky S. (Greensboro, NC United States)
  • Meadowfields Community School 428 Stackers
    Our Students And Staff Stacked Throughout The School Day During PE Classes. We Even Found A Way To Include The Students Who Did Not Have PE Scheduled For Today. At Times Our Gymnasium Was Very Crowded, But We All Had One Goal In Mind And We Completed It..
    -- Lori M. (Yarmouth, NS Canada)
  • Picnic Point Elementary School 286 Stackers
    A Very Fun Activity Of Cup Stacking Warm Ups, Skill Building And "rapid Relays"..
    -- Philip F. (Edmonds, WA United States)
  • Shawsheen Elementary .. 150 Stackers
    Stacked All Day Had Competitions And Fitness Cup Stacking Activities Also Had An Obstacle Course.
    -- Christopher Z. (Greeley, CO United States)
  • St. Julia Billiart 588 Stackers
    Great Day! Lots Of Fun! Kids Had An Awesome Time!!!!.
    -- Rosa J. (Markham, ON Canada)
  • Usd495- Fort Larned 72 Stackers
    My First And Second-grade Students Had Fun Stacking In Partner Challenges And Jumbo Team Relay Stacking. They Loved Spending Their PE Time Stacking. While Stacking, Students Could Watch The WSSA Stack Up Site. They Were Excited To See The Number Getting Bigger As We Stacked. AWESOME Event!!!!.
    -- Sandy L. (Larned, KS United States)
  • Widukind Gymnasium Enger 67 Stackers
    We Did The 3-3-3 Double With Changing Hands. Every Participant Had To Chose A New Double Partner: A Student Or A Teacher. A Lot Of Fun For Everybody!.
    -- Andrea K. (Enger, Germany)
  • Sabal Palm Elementary 6 575 Stackers
    It Was A Fantastic Day! Students Stacked Cups For 40 Minutes Every 50 Minutes! We Set The Floor As The March Madness Activity. Everyone Got A Chance To Showcase Their Skills During The Time Provided. It Was Fun, Fun, Fun!!.
    -- Miguel F. (Naples, FL United States)
  • Texas Avenue School 52 Stackers
    I Had The Students Come In Before School From 7:30 Until 8:15 Am. We Had A Stacking Tournament In The Gym..
    -- Julie L. (Atlantic City, NJ United States)
  • Butterfield School 78 Stackers
    Final Day Of Club. Finished Racing. Had A Blast. Thanks For The Stickers..
    -- Patrick K. (Libertyville, IL United States)
  • Cowboy Ted's Foundation For Kids 85 Stackers
    Kids Had A Blast And Are So Happy To Be Part Of The World Record Effort And Learned A Lot About The Benefits Of Speed Stacking.
    -- Ted H. (Bountiful, UT United States)
  • Tefen Elementary School 115 Stackers
    Two Middle School Stackers Came To The Elementary Kids And Showed Them How They Stack And Then Taught Them At Several Stations..
    -- Ido M. (Kfar Vradim, Israel)
  • Las Colinas Elementary 582 Stackers
    All PE Classes K-5, All Teachers, Administrators, School Volunteers, And Pre-K Program Stacked Cups On 30 Minute Intervals. Every Student And Teacher Participated. We Used 50 Sets Of Stacking Cups In 3-6-3 Challenges..
    -- Kimbo R. (Irving, TX United States)
  • Ben Calf Robe School 248 Stackers
    Our Stack Up! Day Was Wonderful. Students Stacked Alone, With Partners, For Speed, And In Relay Reces Using Jumbo Stacks. We Also Collected Items For The Local Food Bank!.
    -- Roberta W. (Edmonton, AB Canada)
  • Edgewood Elementary 168 Stackers
    We Played A Speed Stack Relay Variation Where The Students Did Continuous Stacking For Most Of The Stacking Period..
    -- Joe G. (Yardley, PA United States)
  • Henley Elementary School 450 Stackers
    We Played Two Cup Stacking Games, Had Free Time To Explore The Stacking Cycle, Challenge Time, Got Our Stickers And Had A Great Day!.
    -- Meghan S. (Klamath Falls, OR United States)
  • Hugh Gregg Elementary 202 Stackers
    11 Total Classes Sports Stacked During The 9:35am-2:20pm Time Frame Today EST. They Participated In 4 Sport Stacking Stations Set Up In The Gym And Rotated Around To All Of Them During Their 30 Minute Stacking Activity..
    -- Audrey R. (Corning, NY United States)
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