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2013_stackup STACK UP! Overview

2013_stackup STACK UP! Overview


STACK UP! started in New Zealand

Verification numbers should be coming in soon...

Keep track of STACK UP! as it moves around the world. First stop is New Zealand, last stop Hawaii! The number to beat: 0!

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  • Byron Center Charter School 132 Stackers
    The Day Was Exciting And Fun For The Students..
    -- Brad F. (Byron Center, MI United States)
  • Holliman School 70 Stackers
    Grade 5 And 6 Students Gathered I. The Gym During Physical Education Class Time, For An Hour. They Practiced With A Partner The 3-3-3 And 3-6-3, Then Could Record Their Times On The Event Time Sheet. The Kindergarten Class Was Separately Introduced To Up Stacking And Down Stacking With 3 Cups Each. Then Did 3-3-3 And As A Class Built A 36 Cup Pyramid!.
    -- Lorrie L. G. (Warwick, RI United States)
  • Highlands Elementary School 190 Stackers
    We Worked In Different Stations. Some Stations Were Stacker Relays, While Others Were Timed Activities..
    -- Dena H. (Highlands, NJ United States)
  • Science Hall Elementary 50 Stackers
    We Had The Students Practice Building A 6 Stack, And Then We Also Played Bulldozers And Builders Together. We Did This With Two Of Our Second Grad Classes. They Loved It! We Had Done Our Cupstacking Unit Like 4 Weeks Ago, So It Was A Good Chance For Them To Review And Practice Their Skills..
    -- Amber H. (Kyle, TX United States)
  • Highland Springs Elementary 461 Stackers
    My Students Look Forward To This Day Every Year And Can't Wait To Hear How Many People Actually Stack..
    -- Lucy T. (Highland Springs, VA United States)
  • Hartford Public Library 98 Stackers
    Great Day!.
    -- Stephanie D. (Hartford, MI United States)
  • Whitesburg Elementary School 381 Stackers
    Had School Rotating In Through One Door Up/down Sctacking Conga Line...
    -- Ed B. (Whitesburg, GA United States)
  • Divine Redeemer Catholic School 40 Stackers
    Had GREAT Turnout! Students Very Excited To Be A Part!.
    -- Bridget E. (Colorado Springs, CO United States)
  • South Lexington Primary 78 Stackers
    I Have Pre-K And Kindergarten PE Classes And We Taught Them The 3 Stack And Then We Did Timed Races Against The Other Classes In The School To Beat Their Time. I Set Out 150 3 Stacks All Over The PE Room And They Had To Stack Them All Up And Then Run Back To The Line. Then They Down Stacked. Then We Did Team Races..
    -- Steve L. (Lexington, NC United States)
  • College Corner Union School 257 Stackers
    Each Grade Level Came To The Gym Throughout The Day To Participate In Stacking Challenges. The Played Battle Stacks, Relay Races, Free Form And Scooter Stacks (ride Scooters Around And Up Stack Or Down Stack).
    -- Caroline J. (College Corner, OH United States)
  • Rosarian Academy 170 Stackers
    We Had The Entire Lower School Split Into Grade Level And Rotated Through 5 Different Activities With Speed Stacks! The Event Went From 12:00-12:45. It Was Amazing!!.
    -- Lindsey B. (West Palm Beach, FL United States)
  • Watertown High School 28 Stackers
    Kids Just Enjoyed The Opportunity To Be A Part Of A Larger Experience..
    -- Scott W. (Watertown, SD United States)
  • Ms. Barnes 30 Stackers
    The Class Was Outside Having A Relay Race Stacking Cups On The Basketball Court..
    -- Angela B. (Parker, AZ United States)
  • Windy Ridge School 328 Stackers
    We Did The 3 Stack, 6 Stack And Relays.
    -- Jennifer S. (Orlando, FL United States)
  • Fremont Intermediate School 640 Stackers
    Lots Of Fun Cupstacking Stations For All To Enjoy!!!.
    -- Cindy J. (Mundelein, IL United States)
  • Port Maitland Elementary School 115 Stackers
    Went Very Well. Set Up 4 Centers And Had The Students Rotate Though In PE Class..
    -- Bob C. (Port Maitland, NS Canada)
  • St Mary's School Wanganui 180 Stackers
    We Spent The Whole School Doing Relays. Included Jumbos, Under Desks, Hopping Skipping Etc. Building Big Tower With The Juniors..
    -- Ian K. (Wanganui, New Zealand)
  • Parkwood Heights Elementary School 110 Stackers
    Students Stacked For A Minimum Of 30 Minutes. For Some It Was Their Very First Time Stacking And They Loved It!.
    -- Debbie W. (Bathurst, NB Canada)
  • Glyndon Elementary School 87 Stackers
    Taught Kindergarten, 4th Grade, And 1st Grade 3-3-3 With Normal Cups And We Did Relay Races With Jumbo Cups!.
    -- Sara M. (Reisterstown, MD United States)
  • Widukind Gymnasium Enger 67 Stackers
    We Did The 3-3-3 Double With Changing Hands. Every Participant Had To Chose A New Double Partner: A Student Or A Teacher. A Lot Of Fun For Everybody!.
    -- Andrea K. (Enger, Germany)
  • Horse Heaven Hills 487 Stackers
    We Had More Had A Great Day Of Cup Stacking Stations. We Had More Stackers Than Anticipated Because Another Teacher And His Decided To Join Us For Our Day Of Stacking. Giving Us About 130 More Stackers!.
    -- Lisa M. (Kennewick, WA United States)
  • Boiling Springs Intermediate School 356 Stackers
    I Had Two Other Classes Join Me. We Each Have 5 Classes A Day So We Added It All To One. Pam Isbell's Class Joined Mine. So The Number Reflects All 3 Classes..
    -- David W. (Boiling Springs, SC United States)
  • Breachwood Green JMI School 136 Stackers
    The Whole School Were Excited To Be Taking Part In This Event. It Is The Second Time We Have Been Able To Do This. We Were Very Lucky To Have Had In Attendance Roger And James Acraman Who Are Members Of The British Speed Stacking Team. Younger Children Were Supported By Our Own Sports Ambassadors. Everybody Had An Amazing Time, Some Children Had Two Attempts! It Was Rewarding To See Their Confidence, Concentration And Dexterity Skills Improve.
    -- Rosemarie B. (Breachwood Green, Hitchin, United Kingdom)
  • Meadowfields Community School 428 Stackers
    Our Students And Staff Stacked Throughout The School Day During PE Classes. We Even Found A Way To Include The Students Who Did Not Have PE Scheduled For Today. At Times Our Gymnasium Was Very Crowded, But We All Had One Goal In Mind And We Completed It..
    -- Lori M. (Yarmouth, NS Canada)
  • Aletheia Christian College 25 Stackers
    We Had Our Annual Speeds Tacks Tournament Combined With The Record Attempt. Our Grade 1's Did The 3-3-3 And The Rest Of The School Could Choose Between The Others. We Also Included Team Stacking And Partner Stacking. In Their Words: " It Was A Long But Successful.
    -- Frans V. (Newcastle, South Africa)
  • Martha Reid Elementary 750 Stackers
    We Had Relays And Partner Staking Along With Teams With Timing Tables..
    -- Mary C. (Arlington, TX United States)
  • JFK Middle School 28 Stackers
    We Had A 21st Century Program At School That Taught Participants Cup Stacking. Many Had NEVER Participated So It Was Exciting To Show Them This Activity In This Way..
    -- Deborah M. (Bethpage, NY United States)
  • Anastasia Elementary School 603 Stackers
    We Had A Great Day! What A Super Experience!.
    -- Tracey C. (Long Branch, NJ United States)
  • Hunter Elementary School 45 Stackers
    I Had A Local News Paper Come Out And Video Tape And Interview Our Kids. I Had 6 Stations And Rotated The Kids Through Each Station Every 7 Or 8 Minutes. I Had A Running Relay, Team Relay, Jumbo And Mini Cups, Timer, Create You Own, And A One One Station. It Was Held Before School..
    -- Josh M. (Raleigh, NC United States)
  • Montclair Elementary School 325 Stackers
    -- Liz S. (Omaha, NE United States)
  • Mountain View Elementary School 149 Stackers
    Students Learned How To Form A 3-3-3 And 3-6-3 Formation. Then, They Practiced And Raced Against One Another..
    -- Misty P. (Jefferson, NC United States)
  • Strode Station Elementary 150 Stackers
    Students Did A Variety Of Relays, Station Work And Games..
    -- Troy H. (winchester, KY United States)
  • Randolph Middle School 91 Stackers
    Three Classes Of Health And Physical Education Students Participated In The Event. We Used The Gym, Divided The Students Into 40 Teams Of 2-3 Students Each. We Kept It Short And Simple This First Year. Students Practiced 25 Minutes Prior To The Event Using The DVD Provided Projected On The Gym Wall, Their Personal Chrome Books And YouTube Or A Handout With Instructions We Made From The "Stack-up" Materials.. We Set Up A Timer And Began The Event At 11:00 Am. The Event Ended At 11:30 Am. Ended. We Had Fun..
    -- Gwyneth A. (Charlotte, NC United States)
  • Cane Bay Elementary 129 Stackers
    The Kids Had Fun! They Felt Very Confident As Their Timing And Understanding Increased..
    -- Kathleen C. (Summerville, SC United States)
  • Erin Centre 325 Stackers
    We Used A Lot Of The Great Ideas From The Speed Stacking Teacher's Resource And Did A Lot Of Relays. As Well, With Over 60 Sets Here We Built The Tallest STACK Tower We Could, Got To A Base Of 25, Wow..
    -- Andy R. (Mississuaga, ON Canada)
  • Mathews Elementary 500 Stackers
    We Did Different Sport Stacking Stations: Towers, Relays, And Timed Events.
    -- Carol B. (Plano, TX United States)
  • Texas Avenue School 52 Stackers
    I Had The Students Come In Before School From 7:30 Until 8:15 Am. We Had A Stacking Tournament In The Gym..
    -- Julie L. (Atlantic City, NJ United States)
  • Grove Elementary 443 Stackers
    Kids Love This Annual Event!.
    -- Gayle B. (Marysville, WA United States)
  • Henley Elementary School 450 Stackers
    We Played Two Cup Stacking Games, Had Free Time To Explore The Stacking Cycle, Challenge Time, Got Our Stickers And Had A Great Day!.
    -- Meghan S. (Klamath Falls, OR United States)
  • University Of Northern Iowa 112 Stackers
    12 University Physical Education Majors Worked With 100 Elementary Students In A Variety Of Speedstacking Activities..
    -- Rip M. (Cedar Falls, IA United States)
  • Sabal Palm Elementary 6 575 Stackers
    It Was A Fantastic Day! Students Stacked Cups For 40 Minutes Every 50 Minutes! We Set The Floor As The March Madness Activity. Everyone Got A Chance To Showcase Their Skills During The Time Provided. It Was Fun, Fun, Fun!!.
    -- Miguel F. (Naples, FL United States)
  • Virginia CUSD #64 203 Stackers
    We Did Stacking Stations, It Worked Out Great..
    -- Abby W. (Virginia, IL United States)
  • South View Elementary 80 Stackers
    We Split The 5th Grade Students Into Two Classrooms And Had Some 4th Graders Join Us! The Kids Practiced Their Skills, Competed Against One Another And Played Fun Games With The Cups! They Had An Amazing Time And We Already Can't Wait Until Next Year!.
    -- Christina K. (Muncie, IN United States)
  • Pine Valley Elementary School 150 Stackers
    We Did Relays, Fitness And Had Lots Of Fun. We Even Sent Some Tweets Out..
    -- Ann S. (Wilmington, NC United States)
  • Queens School Of Inquiry 25 Stackers
    We Had A Blast Stacking!!!.
    -- Liz M. (Flushing, NY United States)
  • JY Klasik Academy 30 Stackers
    It Was A Busy Day! But It Was A Great Day Too! We Did Everything From Warm Up, To Combo Stacking, To Jumbo Cups, To Straight Line Relay, To HTH Cycle Relay, To Rotating Stations Of Different Types Of Stacks And Creative Stacking. All Stackers Just LOVE IT And Keep Asking For More!.
    -- Bee Lee H. (Puchong, Malaysia)
  • Springfield Elementary School 103 Stackers
    We Had Some Practice Time And Some Competitions. 3-3-3 Stacking And 3-6-3. We Also Had 3 Relays Using Our Stacking Skills..
    -- Rick J. (Quakertown, PA United States)
  • Messiah Lutheran School 137 Stackers
    Students Enjoyed Stacking. Videos Clips Were Taken Of Each Group And Sent To Parents. They Loved It!.
    -- Rochelle B. (Lincoln, NE United States)
  • Orangewood Elem 600 Stackers
    Children Played March Madness, Used Jumbo Stacks For Relays And Used Timers For School Records.
    -- Deb D. (Fort Myers, FL United States)
  • Shields Elementary 429 Stackers
    Students In All Grade Levels Played A Variety Of Games As Well As Practiced Stacking The Different Ways. Their Favorite Was Playing The Game Survivor And Stacking The Cycle..
    -- Dorthea H. (Glenn Heights, TX United States)
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