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2013_stackup STACK UP! Overview

2013_stackup STACK UP! Overview


STACK UP! started in New Zealand

Verification numbers should be coming in soon...

Keep track of STACK UP! as it moves around the world. First stop is New Zealand, last stop Hawaii! The number to beat: 0!

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  • Mary A Goetz Elementary 110 Stackers
    We Had 30 6th Graders Stacking Form 9:15-9:50 And 80 4th Graders From 10:00-10:40..
    -- June S. (Ludlow, KY United States)
  • St. Patrick School 92 Stackers
    We Used It As An Opportunity To Gather Food For Our Local Food Bank. We Had A Great Turnout!!.
    -- Elaine C. (Brighton, MI United States)
  • JY Klasik Academy 30 Stackers
    It Was A Busy Day! But It Was A Great Day Too! We Did Everything From Warm Up, To Combo Stacking, To Jumbo Cups, To Straight Line Relay, To HTH Cycle Relay, To Rotating Stations Of Different Types Of Stacks And Creative Stacking. All Stackers Just LOVE IT And Keep Asking For More!.
    -- Bee Lee H. (Puchong, Malaysia)
  • Brier Creek Elementary School 141 Stackers
    It Was Awesome The Kids Loved It! I Will Be Doing It Again Next Year!.
    -- Mandi B. (Thomasville, NC United States)
  • Grove Elementary 443 Stackers
    Kids Love This Annual Event!.
    -- Gayle B. (Marysville, WA United States)
  • Pleasantview Elementary 143 Stackers
    Day Went Great, The Kids Loved It!.
    -- Robin C. (Lakefield, MN United States)
  • Lincoln Elementary 224 Stackers
    Students Were So Exicited To Participate. Some Students Use The Timers For The First Time..
    -- Ann G. (Norman, OK United States)
  • Jaffrey Grade School 95 Stackers
    We Had A Great Morning Of Stacking! Lots Of Relay Races And Friendly Competitions. Everyone Had Fun!.
    -- Ann W. (Jaffrey, NH United States)
    It Was A Wild And Fun Day!! We Did Some Games From The Speed Stackers Teacher's Guide. The Kids Had Fun..
    -- KATHY N. (DRUMRIGHT, OK United States)
  • Whitesburg Elementary School 381 Stackers
    Had School Rotating In Through One Door Up/down Sctacking Conga Line...
    -- Ed B. (Whitesburg, GA United States)
  • Sunset Valley Elementary 166 Stackers
    Students Had A Blast. I Even Had My Record Holder From Years Ago Come And Stack After She Got Out Of School..
    -- Karen R. (Lees Summit, MO United States)
  • Roosevelt Elementary School 615 Stackers
    #2015StackUp Was A HUGE Success. We Posted A Ton Of Photos On Twitter And Got Some Retweets..
    -- Christian T. (McAllen, TX United States)
  • Lake Holcombe Schools 152 Stackers
    We Participated In Group Stacking Games In The Commons. Pictures Were Taken By Various Teachers Who Said That They Were Going To Share Them On Our School Facebook Page..
    -- Tim S. (Holcombe, WI United States)
  • Garfield Elementary School USD 480 186 Stackers
    It Went Great As Expected! Kids Did Competitions And Had A Blast!.
    -- Summer P. (Liberal, KS United States)
  • Christian Academy Of Louisville 81 Stackers
    Students Participated In Relays And Timed Races Today During PE..
    -- LeAnn H. (Louisville, KY United States)
  • The Village Children's Program 30 Stackers
    It Was Awesome. All The Children In My Program Participated And Are Excited To Be Part Of A World Guinness Record..
    -- Ahmed B. (Markham, ON Canada)
  • Meadow Ridge Elementary 82 Stackers
    Students Gave Up Their Last Recess To Come To The Cafeteria To Enjoy "music To Stack By"..
    -- Kathy M. (Rockford, MI United States)
  • Bing Wong Elementary 32 Stackers
    I Gave A Short Demo On Speed Stacking And Free Stacking Then The Students Participated In 40 Minutes Of Cup Stacking..
    -- John M. (San Bernardino, CA United States)
  • Avihail Elementary School 60 Stackers
    Kids Stacked At Stations During Their Active Recess Period. They Had A Great Time!!!.
    -- Michal S. (Moshav Avihail, Israel)
  • South Loop Elementary School 80 Stackers
    Today Our 4th Grades And ISC Units Participated In The Sport Stacking World Guinness Record Event..
    -- Sifrigido R. (El Paso, TX United States)
  • Arland D. Williams Elementary School 715 Stackers
    All Of Our Physical Education Classes, K-5, Participated In Cupstacking Relays!.
    -- Angie H. (Mattoon, IL United States)
  • Bushland Elementary 463 Stackers
    Fun Day Of Stacking!.
    -- Beverly S. (Bushland, TX United States)
  • Hartford Public Library 98 Stackers
    Great Day!.
    -- Stephanie D. (Hartford, MI United States)
  • Saint John School 200 Stackers
    It Was An Awesome Day. We Always Combine With Another School And Do It Together Which Makes It More Fun..
    -- Debra G. (Waunakee, WI United States)
  • Lewis Greenview Elementary School 26 Stackers
    The Kids Had A Great Time And Are Anxious To Work On Doing It In Class Again. I Gave Them Information On How To Find Stacks For Themselves..
    -- Sandy B. (Columbia, SC United States)
  • Austin Elementary 628 Stackers
    Our STACK UP! Day Was Awesome!.
    -- Carol S. (Abilene, TX United States)
  • Ridgeway Elementary School 75 Stackers
    We Did Stations. Jumbos, Minis, Competition Stacking, Battlestack And Creation/Build.
    -- Denise K. (Ridgeway, WI United States)
  • Aletheia Christian College 25 Stackers
    We Had Our Annual Speeds Tacks Tournament Combined With The Record Attempt. Our Grade 1's Did The 3-3-3 And The Rest Of The School Could Choose Between The Others. We Also Included Team Stacking And Partner Stacking. In Their Words: " It Was A Long But Successful.
    -- Frans V. (Newcastle, South Africa)
  • Queen Elizabeth Elementary 25 Stackers
    Kids Did Cycles For The Full Half Hour And Had An Amazing Time. They Were All Fully Engaged.
    -- David M. (Vancouver, BC Canada)
  • St John School 40 Stackers
    The Stackers Were First Graders. We Did Several Different Types Of Relays Incorporating The Cups With Stretching, Exercises And Running. We Invited Parents To Come And Watch As Well. At The Very End Of The Class We All Helped Build A Giant Pyramid Of Cups! Everyone Had Lots Of Fun!.
    -- Cynthia P. (Plaquemine, LA United States)
  • Rose Hill Elementary 142 Stackers
    We Had A Great Day! We Warmed Up With The Exercise Spots And Watched The Movie "Stacker" While We Stacked..
    -- Daniel S. (Commerce City, CO United States)
  • Shvilim Elementary School 99 Stackers
    Third Graders Learned The 3 And 6 Stack And Fourth Graders Practiced Cycle Stacking And Worked On Exercises While Practicing English And Math In English At Stations..
    -- Naama G. (Pardes Hanna, Israel)
  • JFK Middle School 28 Stackers
    We Had A 21st Century Program At School That Taught Participants Cup Stacking. Many Had NEVER Participated So It Was Exciting To Show Them This Activity In This Way..
    -- Deborah M. (Bethpage, NY United States)
  • Saline Middle School 47 Stackers
    We Did A Stacking Lunch Where Most Students From Our Team Stayed Back With Packed Lunches And Participated..
    -- Lucas F. (Saline, MI United States)
  • South Lexington Primary 78 Stackers
    I Have Pre-K And Kindergarten PE Classes And We Taught Them The 3 Stack And Then We Did Timed Races Against The Other Classes In The School To Beat Their Time. I Set Out 150 3 Stacks All Over The PE Room And They Had To Stack Them All Up And Then Run Back To The Line. Then They Down Stacked. Then We Did Team Races..
    -- Steve L. (Lexington, NC United States)
  • Springfield Elementary School 103 Stackers
    We Had Some Practice Time And Some Competitions. 3-3-3 Stacking And 3-6-3. We Also Had 3 Relays Using Our Stacking Skills..
    -- Rick J. (Quakertown, PA United States)
  • Randerson Ridge 56 Stackers
    We Are Just Learning How To Stack, So We Went Through The Instruction Dvd And Learned Up To The 6 Stack..
    -- Mark R. (Nanaimo, BC Canada)
  • Carl Wanke ES - Northside ISD 830 Stackers
    Kids Enjoyed All The Cup Stack Activities..
    -- Orlando B. (San Antonio, TX United States)
  • Webster Elementary School 200 Stackers
    We Did Rotating Stations Of Different Types Of Stacks And Races..
    -- Karri S. (Watertown, WI United States)
  • Banks Road Elementary School 579 Stackers
    We Ended Up Having Our Entire Schoo (K-5)l Participate During Our "Specials" Time, Which Is 45 Minutes Per Grade. We Are A Year Round School And Due To Students Tracking In/out, We Had An Extra Set Of Classes Tracked In That I Wasn't Accounting For. Students Rotated Through Different Stacking Stations In The Gym, Including Elite 8, Relays, Stack Table Races, Fastest Stacker, And Free Stack. The Students Thoroughly Enjoyed Themselves..
    -- Brice O. (Raleigh, NC United States)
  • Holliman School 70 Stackers
    Grade 5 And 6 Students Gathered I. The Gym During Physical Education Class Time, For An Hour. They Practiced With A Partner The 3-3-3 And 3-6-3, Then Could Record Their Times On The Event Time Sheet. The Kindergarten Class Was Separately Introduced To Up Stacking And Down Stacking With 3 Cups Each. Then Did 3-3-3 And As A Class Built A 36 Cup Pyramid!.
    -- Lorrie L. G. (Warwick, RI United States)
  • Fairbanks Elementary/MASTERS After School Program/ 107 Stackers
    The Students Had A Great Time. We Had Several Stations In Which Students Rotated Through To Cup Stack With The Music Going And Parents Smiling And Watching As They Came In At Pick Up Time For Their Children..
    -- Maia M. (Sacramento, CA United States)
  • Kid Gym OberrĂ¼ti 45 Stackers
    We Had A Lot Of Fun Doing Different Activities With The Cups..
    -- Monika A. (OberrĂ¼ti, Switzerland)
  • St. Julia Billiart 588 Stackers
    Great Day! Lots Of Fun! Kids Had An Awesome Time!!!!.
    -- Rosa J. (Markham, ON Canada)
  • St. Christopher's School 191 Stackers
    Grades K, 1, 2, 3 & 4 Indy 500, Cup Stack Relay, Competition Timers, 3-3-3 Tournament.
    -- Jack O. (Richmond, VA United States)
  • Peeples Elementary 56 Stackers
    We Have A Club That Meets On Thursday's. I Invited Some Staff Members To Join Us Stacking. It Was Great Fun!.
    -- Deborah F. (Fayetteville, GA United States)
  • Reeves-Hinger Elementary 640 Stackers
    We Had Two Gyms Going With 35-35 Students Every 30 Minutes. We Did Everything From Stack Mats, To Jumbo Cups, To Solo Cups, To Free Style, To Partner Stacking. It Was A Great Day !.
    -- Linda N. (Canyon, TX United States)
  • A.S Jenks Elementary School 204 Stackers
    We Had A Blast Today. All Of My Classes Were Able To Participate In This Fantastic Event For The 2nd Year In A Row. Some Children Were Competing Against Each Other While Others Were Trying To Beat Their Own Time..
    -- Justine S. (philadelphia, PA United States)
  • Shoemaker Elementary School 58 Stackers
    Our New School Loved It!.
    -- Kathryn O. (Grand Island, NE United States)
  • Lake Ridge Elementary 188 Stackers
    Lots Of Fun~.
    -- Lindsey N. (Magna, UT United States)
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