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Guinness World Records Day

Stack with 635,000+ people around the globe to Help Break A Guinness World Record!

Participating Countries (24)

  • United States (512,805)
  • Canada (38,487)
  • Hungary (4,019)
  • Israel (3,254)
  • Malaysia (1,983)
  • United Kingdom (1,925)
  • Spain (1,872)
  • Romania (1,658)
  • Taiwan ROC (1,168)
  • Korea (770)
  • Poland (711)
  • Germany (702)
  • Switzerland (492)
  • India (460)
  • China (426)
  • Japan (347)
  • New Zealand (333)
  • Hong Kong (306)
  • South Africa (242)
  • Indonesia (207)
  • Denmark (93)
  • Kazakhstan (92)
  • Philippines (67)
  • Belarus (29)

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  • Alderman Jacobs Primary School 102 Stackers
    Our Year 6 Children Took Part This Afternoon. They Worked In Teams In A Relay Format Performing The 3,3,3 And 3,6,3. They Also Tried Working In Pairs Using One Had Each..
    -- Hayley C. (Peterborough, United Kingdom)
  • Louise W Kahn Elementary 625 Stackers
    Everyone In The School Did The Stack Up.
    -- Frederick P. (Dallas, TX United States)
  • Valley Elementary School 129 Stackers
    We Did Some Fun Stacking Stations. The Students Loved Stacking Again..
    -- Jenny L. (Hazelton, ID United States)
  • St. Julia Billiart 580 Stackers
    The Whole School Participated In This Fun Day! Classes Rotated Through The Gym Every 30 Minutes. We Did The 3-3-3,3-6-3 And Cycle. Some Even Did The 3-6-3 Relay!.
    -- Rosa J. (Markham, ON Canada)
  • Discovery Elementary 127 Stackers
    Students Had Lots Of Fun!!.
    -- Jeff L. (Buffalo, MN United States)
  • Rio Grande School 125 Stackers
    Students Loved It !.
    -- Sara M. (Santa Fe, NM United States)
  • Perry Elementary 113 Stackers
    Kids Had A Blast Doing Some Fun Cupstacking Games And Then We Did Some Team Challenges - Tallest Tower, Most Creative Pattern, And Most Unique Shaped Tower..
    -- Mary H. (perry, MI United States)
  • Achariya Bala Siksha Mandir 100 Stackers
    That Was Awesome Experience. Thanks For This Event..
    -- Prabakaran K. (Chennai, India)
  • Fay Herron Elementary 45 Stackers
    We Had Students Come In After Breakfast Who Wanted To Cup Stack And Be Part Of The Record. .
    -- Robyn G. (North Las Vegas, NV United States)
  • Trinity Lutheran School 151 Stackers
    We Had A Great Day With Lights, Music, Stations And Lots Of Fun!.
    -- Kenna N. (Litchfield Park, AZ United States)
  • Crescent Elementary 253 Stackers
    We Played Several Games And Kids Enjoyed The Competition .
    -- Angela G. (Plaquemine, LA United States)
  • Guyhirn Church Of England Primary School 73 Stackers
    The Whole School Took Part In The Record Attempt- The Older Children Were Trying To Break Their Record Of 15 Seconds For 3-3-3.
    -- Karen M. (Wisbech, United Kingdom)
  • Northside Elementary 52 Stackers
    Great Turnout And Fun By Northside Navigator Cup Stackers!!!.
    -- Sandy R. (Chapel Hill, NC United States)
  • Jackson Elementary School 328 Stackers
    Fun Times!.
    -- Marcia H. (Jackson, LA United States)
  • Aaron Parker Elementary 140 Stackers
    The Students Were So Excited That They Were A Part Of A Worlds Record Day!!.
    -- Lisa D. (Powderly ,, TX United States)
  • River Springs Elementary 27 Stackers
    Our 3rd Graders Had A Blast Playing Stack Games. We Had A Pushup Stack Competition And Then Played A Stacking Game Using Our Soccer Skills. .
    -- Ben L. (irmo, SC United States)
  • Roy Elementary 185 Stackers
    Great Time Was Had By All. Seeing The Administrators Sitting In A Sea Of Cups Was Worth The Price Of Admission!.
    -- William P. (Northlake, IL United States)
  • Digby Elementary School 322 Stackers
    What An Awseome Experience! We Had Multiple Tables Set Up In The Gym For Students To Time Themselves And Challenge One Another In Races. We Also Spent Some Time "Free Stacking" Building Larger More Complex Structures With Our Students. Older Classes Teamed Up With Younger Classes To Help Guide Them And Coach Them Throughout The Day!.
    -- Aselin E. (Digby, NS Canada)
  • Oregon Episcopal School 300 Stackers
    Had A Great Time With Stations (jumbos, Minis, Free Stacking, Timers, And Fitness) In All Of Our PE Classes (PreK - 5th) Plus Recesses. My Ears Are Still Ringing From All Of The Stacking And Fun Music ;-).
    -- Stephanie R. (Portland, OR United States)
  • East Ridge Elementary 171 Stackers
    We All Had Fun And Were Excited To Participate In This World Record Day..
    -- David W. (East Ridge, TN United States)
  • Union Elementary 334 Stackers
    Loud But Fun! One Said It Was His Favorite Day Of The Year!.
    -- RANDY E. (Wingate, NC United States)
  • Arbury Hills School 190 Stackers
    All Students Enjoyed Challenging Each Other In The 3-3-3, 3-6-3, Cycle Stacks..
    -- Lori D. (Mokena, IL United States)
  • Glenview Community Center 69 Stackers
    It Was Fun. The Kids Love To Cup Stack.
    -- DeShawn B. (North Little Rock, AR United States)
  • Forest Park Elementary School 124 Stackers
    Learned The 3-3-3. Raced As A Class. Then Learned The 3-6-3 And Raced..
    -- Aaron C. (Brazil, IN United States)
  • North East Middle School Kansas City Mo School District 35 Stackers
    The Kids Had A Great Time. I Even Took Pictures For Our Yearbook..
    -- Barb W. (Kansas City, MO United States)
  • Cedar Grove Elementary 423 Stackers
    Wonderful Time Had By All Students During This Activity. They Love This Day,.
    -- Sherry P. (Smyrna, TN United States)
  • Denver Christian School 209 Stackers
    We Had A Great Time! The Students Love This Day Each Year. .
    -- Carol B. (Lakewood, CO United States)
  • River Beach Primary School 198 Stackers
    It Was Really Fun. We Got Really Fast At Stacking Our Cups. It Was So Cool! It Was A Bit Hard. We Would Love To Do It Again!.
    -- Zoe W. (Littlehampton, United Kingdom)
  • Emmaville Primary School 342 Stackers
    Everybody Loved It. From The 2 Year Olds Up To Year 6..
    -- Debbie H. (Crawcrook, United Kingdom)
  • Davinc Academy 41 Stackers
    Lots Of New Stackers Got To Learn Today!.
    -- Myrica V. (Ogden, UT United States)
  • Aklan Inter Faith Academy 67 Stackers
    It Was An Exciting Experience For Students Teachers And Parents Alike To Be Part Of This World Stacking Day! StackUP! 2017. We Have Exceeded Our Estimated Number Of Participants This Year. It Is Also Almost Twice The Number Compared To StackUP! 2016. Looking Forward To StackUP! 2018! Cheers!.
    -- Myrl R. (Kalibo, Aklan Philippines)
  • Agnor Hurt Elementary 472 Stackers
    The Day Was Awesome As Always. We Look Forward To It..
    -- Gwen H. (Charlottesville, VA United States)
  • Cohoes Middle School 203 Stackers
    Kailey Diedrick From Speed Stacks Joined Us And Presented Lessons To Our Physical Education Classes. .
    -- Terry G. (Cohoes, NY United States)
  • Shepardson STEM 50 Stackers
    It Was Thoroughly Enjoyed By The Students..
    -- Shari L. (Ft. Collins, CO United States)
  • Hunters Creek Elementary 60 Stackers
    It Was Fun And Exciting. I Was So Surprised That Our Boys And Girls Were Really In To It! Please Invite Us Again, Next Year..
    -- Pamela T. (Houston, TX United States)
  • The Cambridge School (Neely Named) 64 Stackers
    Awesome Morning! They Wanted To Keep Going & Going!.
    -- Taylor N. (Avoca, IA United States)
  • Wood Elementary School In The Waynesville School District 43 Stackers
    We Brought Into The Gym Our Two 5th Grade Classes And We Had Times Races Where It Was Class Against Class. We Also Had The Other Students Cup Stacking While They Waited And Practiced The Sequences..
    -- Carey D. (Ft. Leonard Wood, MO United States)
  • Spruce Creek Elementary 780 Stackers
    We Stacked Cups All Day Through Our Special Area Classes. Small Cups, Competitions, And Relays With The Large Cups..
    -- Carolyn P. (Port Orange, FL United States)
  • Sorters Mill Elementary 861 Stackers
    We Had A Great Time Participating In Stack Up 2017. Students And Staff Participated During Their Specials Classes..
    -- Melissa C. (PORTER, TX United States)
  • Rochester Junior High School 200 Stackers
    We Love The STACKUP Event Every Year- Plus Students Always Look Forward To Participating And Seeing If We Reach The World Record. .
    -- Megan H. (Rochester, IL United States)
  • Blanche School 140 Stackers
    It Was A Great Day..
    -- Randy M. (Taft, TN United States)
  • Mandarin Oaks Elementary 101 Stackers
    We Made Cup Stacking Part Of Our Jump Rope For Heart Fun Day..
    -- Carol B. (Jacksonville, FL United States)
  • Ellicottville Memorial Library 36 Stackers
    We Had A Great Day. Several Kids Stayed For Over Three Hours!.
    -- Laura F. (Ellicottville, NY United States)
  • St. Matthew's Lutheran School 34 Stackers
    My Students Didn’t Want To Stop!.
    -- Rachael H. (Oconomowoc, WI United States)
  • Concordia Gymnastic Society 26 Stackers
    Just Barely Got Our 25 And Even A Bonus 26. Families Came And Brought Friends. Invited People Just Hanging Out To Come Set A Record. .
    -- Lisa B. (St Louis, MO United States)
  • Charles Ellis Montessori 103 Stackers
    Great Time Had By All. I Love To See How They Have Progressed In Stacking Since They First Tried It..
    -- Lesley C. (Savannah, GA United States)
  • Forsyth Tech Early College // NC // 27103 67 Stackers
    We Did A Competitive Single Elimination Tournament With Both Regular Sized Speed Stacks And Mini Speed Stacks..
    -- James Z. (Winston-Salem, NC United States)
  • Salem Elementary School 26 Stackers
    It Was An Awesome Morning Had By Students And Teachers..
    -- Michelle D. (Sackville, NB Canada)
  • St Gerard Catholic School 134 Stackers
    Battle Stack And Relay Races Were The Big Hit!.
    -- Carol S. (Lansing, MI United States)
  • Kingsfield Primary School 56 Stackers
    Great Fun Doing A Quick 3-3-3 Competition Followed By A Fun Relay With Standard And Jumbo Sets. .
    -- Jeremy S. (Chatteris, United Kingdom)
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