2018 STACK UP! Overview


Guinness World Records Day

Stack with 635,000+ people around the globe to Help Break A Guinness World Records Title!

Participating Countries (25)

  • United States (567,468)
  • Canada (34,768)
  • Israel (3,455)
  • Spain (2,282)
  • Romania (2,148)
  • Hungary (2,131)
  • United Kingdom (2,094)
  • China (1,334)
  • Taiwan ROC (1,051)
  • Korea (873)
  • India (690)
  • Poland (639)
  • Germany (465)
  • Switzerland (451)
  • Singapore (398)
  • New Zealand (393)
  • Philippines (301)
  • Malaysia (248)
  • Japan (219)
  • South Africa (194)
  • Hong Kong (180)
  • Egypt (100)
  • Kazakhstan (94)
  • Denmark (79)
  • Serbia (69)

Verifications are continuing to come in...

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  • Oak Hill Elementary 164 Stackers
    We Had Our First Speed Stacks Club The Day Of The Stack Up. We Had Try-outs For Our Sport Stacking Team And Kids K-5 Stacking With Parent Volunteers..
    -- Chris C. (Severna Park, MD United States)
  • St Mary's School Whanganui 244 Stackers
    We Had Jumbo Cup Relays- Fitness Relays- Seniors With Juniors- Stacking On The Field.
    -- Ian K. (Whanganui, New Zealand)
  • Stonelow Junior School 166 Stackers
    The Whole School Took Part In A Variety Of Cup Stacking Activities, Including Fastest Stacker, Table Chase And Relay Races Using Normal, Small And Jumbo Cups. Everyone Loved It! Even The Staff!.
    -- Ryan S. (Dronfield, United Kingdom)
  • Eva Hoyt Zippel Elementary 116 Stackers
    I Had Relays Set Up Along With Using The Jumbo Stacks. We Also Used The Timer Mats. Stacking To Music Also Makes It A Fun Time For The Students!.
    -- Monica B. (Presque Isle, ME United States)
  • Allendale Elementary 112 Stackers
    It Was Great! Students Loved It .
    -- Angela R. (Pittsfield, MA United States)
  • Samsula Academy 75 Stackers
    Everyone Loved It! I Had Them Stack In PE And During Lunch. I Ended Up Having A Timed Competition As Well. .
    -- Lisel D. (New Smyrna Beach, FL United States)
  • Santa Clara Elementary 25 Stackers
    We Announced To Our Entire School That Santa Clara Elem. Is Participating In The Guinness World Record Of Cup Stacking And Ms. Barrios Class Participated For 30 Minutes From 9:00 Am To 9:30 Am As A Part Of Our Participation To Help Break The Record, .
    -- Guillermo F. (Tucson, AZ United States)
  • Jasper Middle School 100 Stackers
    The Kids Had A Blast! We Had Our Own Competition, And Then A "stack Off". .
    -- Jill W. (Jasper, IN United States)
  • CEIP INFANTA LEONOR 755 Stackers
    The Elders Of The School Have Made Iniación Workshops For The Youngest Children. It Has Been A Beautiful Activity, Everyone Has Enjoyed It Very Much. The Others Learned New Sequences In The Stacking Stations By The Gym. A Party Day!..
    -- Sara A. (MADRID, Spain)
  • Kent Heights Elementary School 28 Stackers
    We Had Fun Team Stacking As Well As Individual Stacking For Time..
    -- Amy P. (East Providence, RI United States)
  • North End Elementary School 44 Stackers
    We Had A Great Time And I Loved All Of The Video Resources!.
    -- Ashley K. (Roxboro, NC United States)
  • Campbell Middle School 250 Stackers
    I Set Up Four Stations With 10-14 Students At Each Station. I Have A Timed Mat Station, March Madness Station And Table Relays. I Have Student Leaders For Each Group So That They Assure Everyone Is Actively Stacking. Students Have Been Challenged With A Stackers Board That They Can Add Their Name To Once Completed. Categories Include Completing The 3-6-3 In Less Than 5 Seconds, Two Sections For The Cycle Completes Under 40 Seconds And Under 60 Seconds. Lastly, March Madness Finalist 4 Or More Times..
    -- Sabrina B. (Daytona Beach, FL United States)
  • Bell Creek Intermediate School 195 Stackers
    Thanks So Much! This Is A Fun Year After Year!.
    -- Sasha T. (Bellbrook, OH United States)
  • Dronfield Junior School 306 Stackers
    10 Classes Each Had A 30 Minute Slot To Cup Stack. See Twitter @DronfieldJunior.
    -- Nicola T. (Sheffield, United Kingdom)
  • Hilla Community Centre (Morning Session) 101 Stackers
    Great And We All Enjoyed So Much ! .
    -- Esther T. (Ampang, Malaysia)
  • Park Lane Elementary School 152 Stackers
    The Students Loved It! I Played A Few Different Games That Were New! It Was Very Motivating This Year!.
    -- Amanda D. (Darby, PA United States)
  • Sabal Palm Elmentary 625 Stackers
    Once Again It Was A Lot Of Fun. Kids Loved It. Looking Forward To The 21st Anniversary!!!.
    -- Miguel F. (Naples, FL United States)
  • Parkview Baptist 213 Stackers
    3-3-3 Stack For Time. The 3-6-3 Stack For Time Kids Had A Blast .
    -- John T. (Prairieville, LA United States)
  • Saline Area Schools (Foster-Schwatzenberger) 60 Stackers
    We Did A Speed Stacking Lunch. .
    -- Lucas F. (Saline, MI United States)
  • St John's CE Primary School, Maidstone 33 Stackers
    Lot Of Fun! The Children Thoroughly Enjoyed Teaching Each Other The Different Types Of Stack!.
    -- Rebecca M. (Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom)
  • Carleton School 120 Stackers
    Stack Up Took Place During Each Phys Ed Class. Classes Are 30 Mins Each. Stack Up Took Place In The Gym From 9:20am Until 2:15pm. In Total We Had 120 Participants Stacking In Various Stations - Timed Station, Hula Hoop Station With Fitness Activities, Free Stack Station And Around The Table Stacking. Our Fastest Time Was The 3-3-3 Stack In 3.77s By A Grade 6 Student! .
    -- Nicole S. (carleton, NS Canada)
  • Warren Community Elementary School 30 Stackers
    Students Stacked For 30 Minutes In Physical Education Class...patterns Of 3, 3 And 6 Cups..
    -- Debra R. (West Warren, MA United States)
  • Chets Creek Elementary 190 Stackers
    All 190 5th Graders Stacked In The Cafeteria. At The End Of The Event The Students Entered A Challenge To Try And Beat The PE Teacher. There Was 3 Winners!! We Gave Each Winner A Stack Of Cups..
    -- Estrella B. (Jacksonville, FL United States)
  • Jacksboro Elementary School 600 Stackers
    We Did Scooter Relays With The Older Kids And Had Them Race To Build And Downstack Different Ways With The Jumbo Stacks. The Younger Kids Got To Do Running Relays Building The 10 Stack And Downstacking With The Jumbo Stacks. If Time Allowed We Would Change To The 6 Stack And So Forth..
    -- Kelli C. (Jacksboro, TN United States)
    The Students Were Excited To Be Part Of An Universal Event. They Thought It Would Be Cool To Have Their School Listed In This Event. Students Were Trying To Outdo Each Other In Small Competitions..
    -- Shannon B. (Oklahoma city, OK United States)
  • Cathedral Catholic School 26 Stackers
    Students Began The Day By Mapping All The Countries Partici[pating. Then We Headed To The Gym. Students Rotated Around Three Stations - Roll And Stack, Around The Table, And Floor Relay. .
    -- Mark K. (Kingston, ON Canada)
  • Woodville Primary School 27 Stackers
    We Had A Great Stacking Session. We Incorporated It Into A Fitness Activity That Included, Squats, Press-ups And Many Other Exercises. Everyone Had A Great Time And Finished Panting And Sweating!.
    -- Clive M. (Woodville, New Zealand)
  • Schenevus Central School 27 Stackers
    Students Working Individual, Small Groups, And Relay Form..
    -- Jennifer P. (Worcester, NY United States)
  • King's Grant Elementary 497 Stackers
    We Participated In A Variety Of Cup Stacking Activities With The Students Rotating Through Each Activity. .
    -- Chris P. (Virginia Beach, VA United States)
  • Bereshit Elementary School 150 Stackers
    The Children Enjoy Very Much. .
    -- Rakefet A. (Binyamina, Israel)
  • Brooklands Elementary // MB // R2R 0G4 30 Stackers
    It Was A Great Activity. The Students Were Very Excited To Be Part Of Something So Much Bigger Than Them..
    -- Carolyn L. (Winnipeg, MB Canada)
  • Katharinenschule In Der Hafencity 51 Stackers
    We Had Great Fun. Everyone Was Thrilled To Participate In An Event That (eventually) Breaks A Record! .
    -- Gudrun R. (Hamburg, Germany)
  • Mannsdale Upper Elementary School 361 Stackers
    We Hosted Multiple Classes In The Library, Watched Some Speed Stack World Record Breaking Stacking For Inspiration And Then Let The Kids Begin Stacking. Good Times!!!.
    -- Dock D. (Madison, MS United States)
  • FCUSD Peter J Shields 25 Stackers
    I Had The Cup Stacker Video Playing. Kids Were Challenging Each Other By Stacking 3-6-3 At Each Table. Each Winner Advanced To The Next Round..
    -- Mario M. (Rancho Cordova, CA United States)
  • Redbank Valley Intermediate School 25 Stackers
    We Played A Relay Race Where Students Raced To Gather Cups And Build The Tallest Towers That They Could. Four Teams Built Towers And With Our Remaining Time At The End, We Built One Giant Tower.
    -- Craig H. (Hawthorn, PA United States)
  • Discovery Lab School 124 Stackers
    My Whole Middle School Came Together And Did A March Madness Type Competition Where They Were Focusing On The 6 6 Stack. They Were Cheering Each Other On And Having A Great Time. My Elementary Students Played Fetch 12 And Worked On Getting Really Fast At The 3 Stack. .
    -- Christi D. (Yakima, WA United States)
  • Lakewood Elementary 25 Stackers
    What A Blast! We Did Relays With Big Cups. 6 Groups- Up Stack, Next Person Down Stacked. Then We Did 2 Sets Of 3 Big Cups Each. Then Added Jump Ropes. We Had 2 Tables With Timers And The Battle Stack. Kids Had A Blast..
    -- Lori C. (white lake, MI United States)
  • Zespol Szkolno Przedszkolny No. 7 502 Stackers
    We Did Our Speedstacking 100 Students Per Hour. It Was A Challenge But We Did It! .
    -- Dariusz T. (Wodzisław Śląski, Poland)
  • Austintown Intermediate School 201 Stackers
    All Physical Education Classes Participated In Stack Up! Day. We Had 3 4th Grade Homerooms Stack From 9:20-10:00 We Had 3 3rd Grade Homerooms Stack From 10:05-10:45. I Have 4 Separate 5th Grade Homerooms In The Afternoon. The First Class Stacked From 11:35-12:15 The Second Class From 12:20-1:00 The Third Class Stacked From 1:05-1:45 And The 4th Class Stacked From 1:50-2:30.
    -- Jason S. (Youngstown, OH United States)
  • Richmond Grade School 52 Stackers
    7 Stack Stations In The Gym, It Was A Half Day Of School, So Many Students Didn't See Me Today! Also A 3 1/2 Day Weekend Making For More Than Usual Absences. Sorry! Kids LOVE It Though. We Are Starting A Stack Club In A Week!.
    -- KATHLEEN S. (Richmond, IL United States)
  • Charles Ellis Montessori Academy 103 Stackers
    So Exciting!! The Students Love Stack Up Day!!.
    -- Lesley C. (Savannah, GA United States)
  • Spring Creek Elementary School 30 Stackers
    Kids Loved It !!!! We Had Them Looking Forward To It For Several Weeks !!! .
    -- Karen T. (Bonita Springs, FL United States)
  • Lula Elementary 78 Stackers
    We Did STACK UP Day With All 1st Graders. They Had A Great Time. We Had 7 Stations. Stations Included Cups, Large Cups And The Mat Timer..
    -- Hannah C. (Lula, GA United States)
  • Inverness Elementary School 83 Stackers
    My Kids Are In Love With Speed Stacks Now. Unbelievable Experience To See Their Minds Open Up To Trying Something New. .
    -- Kelli B. (Inverness, MS United States)
  • Morehead Elementary 483 Stackers
    Students Had 2 20 Minute Stations. Stations Included: Spooner Scooter Stack Battle It! Freestyle Mania Dice It Up! Hourglass Vs Lantern .
    -- Vicky F. (Greensboro, NC United States)
  • Kimball Elementary 80 Stackers
    The Did Stations Around The Gym With All Different Speed Stack Skills - The Kids LOVED It!.
    -- Kelly F. (Mesquite, TX United States)
  • Tuckers Crossroads Elementary School 150 Stackers
    Students Enjoy Cup Stacking And Knowing That They Are Helping Break A Record..
    -- Brooke F. (Lebanon, TN United States)
  • Muritai School 27 Stackers
    We Had Loads Of Fun In The Classroom. We Even Had An 'old School' Stacker Join Us For Some Of The Time..
    -- Deane M. (Wellington, New Zealand)
  • St. Joseph Elementary 66 Stackers
    We Did 6 Different Stations. Kids Had A Blast!!.
    -- Jennifer L. (St. Joseph, IL United States)
  • Southside Elementary 156 Stackers
    Kids Had A Blast And Some Want To Take Their Stacking Experience Further.
    -- Emily S. (Miami, FL United States)

Verifications are still coming in! The World Record is 622,809 stackers.

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