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Sunday April 17th

Congratulations to William Polly, who was crowned the world's Individual All-Around Champion with a combined time in the 3-3-3, 3-6-3 and Cycle of 10.17 seconds.

3-3-3, Doubles and Timed 3-6-3 Relay:
Three overall world records set at SUPER STACK 2011

It was a record-breaking day at the Special Events Center in Garland, Texas. Sport stacking saw the fastest times in history set at this year's WSSA World Championships where stackers from 16 countries vied for world record times and personal bests—all part of SUPER STACK 2011.

William Polly, 10, set a new overall world record in the 3-3-3 with a time of 1.68 seconds. The Team USA member beat the previous record by 1/100th of a second. The speedy duo of Chase Werfel and Matt Kosikowski from Team USA wowed the crowd in Doubles with a time of 7.41 seconds, but their claim to a world record didn't last long. Ryan Powell and Timo Reuhl from Team Germany came on stage and hit an astounding 7.09 seconds and earned them the overall world record title in Doubles.

A new overall world record for the Timed 3-6-3 Relay was set by names familiar to sport stacking. Luke Myers, Mason Langenderfer, Steven Purugganan and Chase Werfel from Team USA landed 14.44 seconds barely nudging out Team Germany, which hit 14.56 seconds.

The Speed Stacks International Challenge once again came down to a final match between Team USA and Team Germany in the Cycle Relay. Coming out on top was Team Germany in a very closely contested match. Germany reclaims this title after 3 years of seeing the trophy go to the red, white and blue.

The top three stackers of the day with the fastest combined times for the 3-3-3, 3-6-3 and Cycle in the US•Texas OPEN Individual All-Around were: Matthew Hill with a combined time of 12.09, Joshua Schwarz with a combined time of 12.20, and Robert Weatherington with a combined time of 12.64.

The top Individual Overall Champion in the World Championships is William Polly with a combined time of 10.17. Second overall winner in the World Championships was Luke Myers with a combined time of 10.40. And placing third overall in the World Championships was Tyler Cole with a combined time of 10.42.

The premier stack in the sport, the individual Cycle Stack was owned by Luke Myers in the 18 & Under division who clocked 6.19 seconds. The current Cycle overall world record stands at 5.93 seconds (and has for two years in a row!).

All told, more than 700 competitors joined the SUPER STACK action at the Special Events Center in Garland ranging in age from 5 to 65. In addition to the 250-plus in the World Championships, another 450 competed in the US•Texas OPEN, which drew stackers from across Texas and the United States. Congratulations to all of this year's SUPER STACK participants!

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Congratulations to all of Sunday's participants! View complete results for the World Championships and the US•Texas OPEN.

Saturday April 16th

Stackers from throughout Texas and some 20 states gathered at the Special Events Center in Garland to compete in the US•Texas OPEN, part of SUPER STACK 2011.

The International Challenge showcased relay teams from countries as close as Canada and as far away as South Africa and New Zealand. The Final Four of the Speed Stacks International Challenge will feature familiar foes. The top two teams from Germany will face off with the top two from Team USA. View a complete listing of the 16 international teams participating in the World Championships.

The Special Events Center in Garland, Texas was brimming with more than 700 sport stackers ranging in age from 5 to 65 at SUPER STACK 2011. Some 250 of the planet's fastest representing 16 countries competed in the World Sport Stacking Championships while another 450 participated in the US·Texas OPEN, a tournament for stackers of all abilities.

With names like Stackinators, Coffee Cups, GLAAM Stackers, and Stacking Panthers, the competitors vied for team titles and personal bests. Saturday was filled with preliminary rounds in individual timed events and elimination rounds for relay events. The fastest stackers in each age division in the timed events (3-3-3, 3-6-3, Cycle, Timed 3-6-3 Relay, and Doubles) advance to Sunday's Finals.

Congratulations to all of Saturday's participants! Don't forget to view complete results for Saturday's preliminary rounds in the World Championships and the US•Texas OPEN. The top stackers in each timed event will return on Sunday to compete in the Finals.