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Name Place Country Date
WSSA South Australian Regional Stackzone Berri Australia Sep 22 2014
WSSA 4. offene Bayerische Meisterschaft Speichersdorf Germany Oct 4 2014
WSSA Malaysia Sungei Wang Sport Stacking Challenge Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Oct 6 2014
WSSA United Stacker's Tournament IL - Scott AFB United States Oct 18 2014
WSSA Australia National Sport Stacking Championships Berwick Australia Oct 18 2014
WSSA Concordia Open 2014 - Swiss National & Open Sport Stacking Championships Baar Switzerland Oct 26 2014
WSSA 7th Annual Connecticut Sport Stacking Championships CT - Baltic United States Nov 1 2014
WSSA New Zealand Central Districts Sport Stacking Championships 2014 Wanganui New Zealand Nov 8 2014
WSSA Nation's Capital Open Sport Stacking Tournament VA - Arlington United States Nov 8 2014
WSSA St. Louis Open Cornucopia of Cups Tournament MO - St. Louis United States Nov 15 2014
WSSA Jackie Robinson Sport Stacking Competition NY - New York United States Nov 19 2014
WSSA 2014 School Battle Sport Stacking Championships Bangkok Thailand Nov 29 2014
WSSA Turkey - Istanbul Sport Stacking Tournament Istanbul Turkey Dec 16 2014
WSSA Girls Incorporated of Columbus and Phenix-Russell Open Sport Stacking Tournament GA - Columbus United States Jan 31 2015
WSSA Sacred Heart Sport Stacking Tournament ID - Boise United States Jan 31 2015
WSSA Denmark KSSK Sport Stacking Open 2015 Copenhagen Denmark Feb 22 2015
WSSA Georgia State Sport Stacking Championships GA - Martinez United States Feb 28 2015
WSSA St. Louis Open Seussational Sport Stacking Tournament MO - St. Louis United States Feb 28 2015
WSSA 2015 Upper Atlantic Regional Sport Stacking Championships NY - Attica United States Mar 7 2015
WSSA 2015 Mid-Atlantic Regional Sport Stacking Championships MD - Towson United States Mar 7 2015
WSSA 14th Annual Sport Stacking Tournament CO - Pueblo United States Mar 7 2015
WSSA Utah Sport Stacking Tournament UT - North Ogden United States May 2 2015
WSSA St. Louis Open Summer Fun StackFest Tournament MO - St. Louis United States Jun 6 2015