Raffle-newFlorida State Sport Stacking Championships

NEW! Silent Auction

As a donation to the venue for the usage of their space, a silent auction will be held with prizes including a dozen sets of cups*, minis*, custom-made stacking tank top shirts*, timers*, mats*, and even fun items for the parents! The auction will work as follows:

  • Each item will have a piece of paper in front of it with a starting bid written on the paper.
  • Stackers and spectators can bid on an item by writing their name next to the starting bid or by writing their name and a higher offer.
  • The person with the highest bid will win the item (payments in cash preferable).
  • Half of the proceeds will go to the venue.
  • Three bidders who did not win will be entered into a raffle for FREE mini prizes!

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

*Items are pre-owned, but good to like-new condition.

Happy bidding!

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