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Host A Tournament


  • Because kids love sport stacking and would like the opportunity to compete!
  • A WSSA Sanctioned event gives the opportunity to set official State/Provincial, National & World Records.
  • Receive recognition for your school/organization as your tournament will be promoted on the WSSA web site.

Where to Start

Contact the WSSA for the WSSA Tournament Application and additional Tournament information and support.

    You decide on your...
  • Tournament date and Tournament site.
  • Tournament Age Divisions (from 4 & under to Seniors) and Events (Individual 3-3-3, 3-6-3 and Cycle; "Doubles"; Team Relays). [See WSSA Rule Book - WSSA Age Divisions and Events for details.]
  • Tournament Level
  • Tournament Places (i.e.: 1st through 3rd place, etc.) and Tournament Awards (choices - prizes, ribbons, medals and trophies).

How The WSSA Will Help

The WSSA has everything you need to help plan, organize and host a successful tournament!

  1. The WSSA Rule Book - which includes all the rules for sport stacking, procedures for setting official records, specifications on equipment and set up including layout of the Official Sport Stacking Court and a list of the Age Divisions and Events. WSSA Rule Book
  2. Tournament Guide -to help with planning the WSSA offers a "Recognized" or "Sanctioned" Tournament Guide with all the necessary paperwork included in .PDF format. WSSA Tournament Guide - click to review the Guide's Table of Contents
  3. StackTrack - to help manage your tournament the WSSA has the StackTrack (Tournament Management software) which takes the Stacker's Registration information and their times during the competition and creates a Leader Board, Individual and Team Results and Tournament Reports.
  4. Judges Training Presentation Video/DVD - helps prepare you and your volunteer judges to officiate all tournament events.
  5. Loaner Equipment - to help with your tournament equipment needs the WSSA provides you with Loaner StackMats, Loaner Tournament Displays, Loaner Speed Stacks® and Loaner Super Stacks®.
  6. Experience - the WSSA offers its years of experience gleaned from planning the biggest tournament of all - The World Sport Stacking Championships!

Choose Your Tournament Level

A WSSA "Recognized" Tournament-entry level tournament offers a lot of flexibility. You can choose your Events and Age Divisions. No WSSA records can be established. "Recognized" Tournament Requirements)

A WSSA "Sanctioned" Tournament is a more structured tournament, providing the opportunity for your Stackers to set State/Provincial, National and World Records. This level helps prepare your Stackers for the WSSA World Sport Stacking Championships.

    Choose one of the following "Sanctioned" Level Tournaments:
  • WSSA "Sanctioned" Tournament - a local or area tournament, you determine which schools and organizations to invite to your event.
  • WSSA "State/Provincial/Regional" Sanctioned Tournament is a State or Provincial or Regional (combination of States or Provinces) Tournament, open to all Stackers in your State or Province or Region.
  • WSSA "National" Sanctioned Tournament is a National Tournament, open to all Stackers in your nation.

What To Do Next

  1. Review the Recognized and Sanctioned levels and determine which Tournament Level best suits your tournament plans.
  2. Fill out the online Tournament Application. Once the Application is reviewed and approved, your tournament information will be posted on the WSSA web site's "Tournament Finder".
  3. Study the information in your Tournament Guide and begin planning, organizing and promoting your tournament.
  4. Contact the WSSA by email or phone for your copy of the StackTrack (Tournament Management software) and Judges Training Presentation DVD.
  5. Make arrangements for loaner equipment to be sent for your tournament.
  6. Stay in contact with the WSSA regarding your tournament planning and organization. We are here to help!