CAN-AM-challengeUS National Sport Stacking Championships

State Challenge

SPEED STACKS, Inc., the Primary Sponsor is honored to invite the top stackers from each state/province represented at the tournament to compete in this special event. Based on the combined times in the Preliminary Individual events, the top 4 stackers from each state will form a relay team and compete in this dual bracketed double elimination, H-T-H Cycle tournament (a 5th "alternate" stacker will be identified in case one of the top 4 is absent). The final 2 teams from each bracket will advance to Sunday's finals just before the STACK OF CHAMPIONS. All are invited to watch this event to see which state/province can earn bragging rights as the fastest out of the two countries.

Important Note: In order for a state/province to be represented in this special event, there must be at least 4 stackers from that state/province participating in the tournament. Also, each stacker in the tournament is only eligible to represent the state/province for which he/she resides and registered under.

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