Pilot-format-2-roundsUS National Sport Stacking Championships

Pilot Format - Two Rounds

In an effort to enhance competition the WSSA is piloting several different tournament formats. They may or may not become the standard format, and potentially there may be several different formats available at different tournaments.

The US Nationals / Mid-Atlantic Regionals will operate in two distinct formats. The Mid-Atlantic Regionals will utilize the traditional WSSA tournament format where stackers will compete in a preliminary round (Prelims) and a qualifying round (Finals). Typical events and age divisions will be offered such as Individual Events (3-3-3, 3-6-3, Cycle), Doubles, Timed 3-6-3 Relay and Head-to-Head Relay competition. Additional events will be offered and the Mid-Atlantic Regionals will be conducted in a two-day format.

The US Nationals will run alongside the Mid-Atlantic Regionals in the same venue and again over the same two-day period. However, the US Nationals format will be different and consist of two rounds of competition. Each round will have all stackers/teams compete in each event and each round will be counted towards the stackers final placement in their age division. For individual, Doubles and Timed 3-6-3 Relay events, both rounds will be captured on video and eligible for record setting purposes. After Round 1, stackers will be ranked in each event in their division, first through last. All stackers/teams will then compete in Round 2 and the rankings will be recalculated based on the best times in each event from either round. Age division placement will be based on the best time from either round, per event, and the top 5 in each age division will be awarded.

Here are some additional details:

  • All Stackers/teams will have a total of six attempts at each event (three in round 1, and three in round 2).
  • No stackers/teams are eliminated between rounds, all advance.
  • All attempts (minus warmups) are eligible for records.
  • Awards are given per division in each event to the top stackers/teams based on the best time from either round.
  • Child/Parent Doubles will be Round 1 only. Awards will be based on the times from this one round.

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