Individual Female 3-6-3 Sport Stacking World Record 1.902 (Si Eun Kim)

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Si Eun Kim is once again doing what no one else is able to pull off this year – set an overall world record. The previous 3-6-3 world record, also held by the Korean stacker, stood at 1.946 seconds for less than 2 months. At the 3rd Speed Stacks Korea Open in Goyang-Si, Korea, the 12-year-old sets her 3rd world record of the calendar year and 4th overall with a 1.902 second finish in the 3-6-3. The new world record is part of a 9.200 seconds overall combined time – the fastest recorded combined time in a single competition by a female stacker. Congratulations to Si Eun Kim on the amazing accomplishment!

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