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Jang Bin Lee
Event Time Rank
3-3-3 1.637 184th
3-6-3 2.032 112th
cycle 5.772 92nd
all-around 9.441 102nd

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  • Benjamin Franklin Elementary School 92 Stackers
    The 4th Grade Had An Awesome Time Speed Stacking Cups For The WSSA! We Had The Students All Complete A 3 Stack For 5 Minutes, Then They Partnered Up For A 6 Stack.
    -- Karen S. (Philadelphia, PA United States)
  • Walden Elementary School 458 Stackers
    We Did Stations. Jumbo Cup Relay 3-3-3 6-6 1-10-10 Cycle Races
    -- Emily W. (Deerfield, IL United States)
  • Hayes Intermediate School 25 Stackers
    Kids Had Fun Competing Against Each Other And Also Seeing If They Could Beat Their Own Times
    -- Cassandra E. (Grove City, OH United States)
  • Shvilim Elementary School 51 Stackers
    Lots Of Stations To Choose From: Freestyle Pyramids, Competitive Cycles, Shuffles, Cat & Mouse, Minis, Stack By Color, Up & Down By Number Stickers, Battlestack, Head To Head Competitions.
    -- Naama G. (Pardes Hanna, Israel)
  • River Beach Primary School 366 Stackers
    We Had Fun, It Was An Exciting Day - EVERYONE LOVED IT !!!!
    -- Zoe W. (Littlehampton, United Kingdom)
  • Burchfield Primary Shaler Area School 100 Stackers
    Always Enjoyable
    -- Pete B. (Allison Park, PA United States)
  • Brookland Junior School 28 Stackers
    Amazing Time At Stack Up! We All Had A Great Time And Played Several Fun Games, And Managed To Complete A Taller Tower Than Our Instructors! Looking Forward To Seeing The Results. Best Of Luck To Those Still Going.
    -- Matt C. (Hertfordshire, United Kingdom)
  • Peachtree ES 426 Stackers
    We Had A Blast! Our Gym Was Rockin'! We Had Stations Set Up With Races, Leader Of The Stack, Can You Catch Me, Practice Tables With Timers, Practice Areas With A Video, Mega Cups, Mini Cups, Weighted Training Cups And Relays. The Students Moved From Station To Station Having A Great Time!
    -- Sandi K. (Peachtree Corners, GA United States)
  • John Barry Elementary 29 Stackers
    Our Students Had An Amazing Time Trying To Create The Largest Tower They Have Ever Made!
    -- Michael M. (Philadelphia, PA United States)
  • Fairbanks Elementary 161 Stackers
    Kids Have So Much Fun Stacking.
    -- Stephanie F. (Milford Center, OH United States)
  • Rockford 440 Stackers
    The Kids Loved It! We Had Fun And Invited Teachers, The Principals And Adults To Race Us!
    -- Leesa T. (Rockford, TN United States)
  • San Vicente Ferrer FESD 70 Stackers
    It Has Been A Very Rewarding Experience, We Have Matched Boys And Girls Of Different Ages, They Have Had A Great Time.
    -- Pascual G. (Sagunto, Valencia, Spain)
  • Nanjing Foreign Language School Xianlin Campus Yanziji Distrct 44 Stackers
    I Was A Very Extraordinary Experience For All Of Us Participating In STACK UP!. I Hope That We Can Spread Sport Stacking To Every Corner Here In China.
    -- Li Y. (Nanjing, China)
  • Glasscock Elementary 250 Stackers
    Hello, We Cup Stacked Today With All Classes And During Morning Meeting. We Played Games, Had Competitions And Battle Stacked ( Which Kids Love )
    -- Talbin O. (Lebanon, KY United States)
  • Oakdale Elementary School 173 Stackers
    We Started With A Relay To Spread The Cups Out Throughout The Gym! The Kids Did Awesome At Matching And Moving Throughout The Gym! What A Great Introduction To Our Unit Of Cup Stacking!
    -- Kelly G. (Normal, IL United States)
  • Victoria Square PS 105 Stackers
    Everyone Had Fun Stacking.
    -- Patrick L. (Markham, ON Canada)
  • Degrazia Elementary 39 Stackers
    The Classes Speed Stacked For The Entire Class And They Practiced Stacking The Different Stacks As Well As Create New Stacks To Stack.
    -- Lee S. (Tucson, AZ United States)
  • ISANA Palmati 25 Stackers
    Great Time, Thanks For Letting Us Participate!
    -- Christine G. (Sun Valley, CA United States)
  • Chester Park Elementary School Of The Arts 120 Stackers
    Fun Practicing The 3-3-3 Cup Stacking
    -- Melissa L. (Chester, SC United States)
  • Our Lady Of Mercy 172 Stackers
    We Had More Students Than Anticipated As Other Teachers Wanted To Join In The Fun. We More Than Doubled Our Numbers That Were "expected"!
    -- Stephanie B. (Rochester, NY United States)
  • Sam Houston Elementary 455 Stackers
    Students Had A Fantastic Time. It Helped Knowing That They Are Going To Be A Part Of Something Really Big.
    -- Sam S. (McAllen, TX United States)
  • Kent Heights Elementary School 150 Stackers
    Students Participated In A Student Created Stacking Game Called Skittle Stackers.
    -- Amy P. (East Providence, RI United States)
  • Boulder Bluff Elementary School 25 Stackers
    Students In My Third Grade Class Spent Their PE Time Stacking. We Reviewed The 3 Stack, Learned The 6 Stack And Practiced By Playing Builders And Bulldozers And Doing A 3-6-3 Class Relay.
    -- Lindsey C. (Goose Creek, SC United States)
  • Longleaf Elementary 76 Stackers
    Our Students Loved Stacking 3-3-3.. Or 3-6-3 And Switching Partners After They Won!
    -- Tina S. (Melbourne, FL United States)
  • St. Mary Lake Leelanau 36 Stackers
    This Was A Great Day! The Students Look Forward To This Every Year Now. I Actually Have Made It Apart Of Our Curriculum And If I Don't Have Certain Students On That Day We Always Do A Free Stack Day The Day I Have Them!
    -- Lee N. (Lake Leelanau, MI United States)


All Divisions
Event Gender Time Athlete
3-3-3 M Male 1.322 Hyeon Jong Choi
F Female 1.424 Si Eun Kim
3-6-3 M Male 1.658 Chan Keng Ian
F Female 1.770 Si Eun Kim
Cycle M Male 4.753 Chan Keng Ian
F Female 5.042 Si Eun Kim
Doubles Time Athletes
Cycle CCombined 5.798 Wong Jun Xian & Chan Keng Ian
Relay Time Team Name / Athletes
Timed 3-6-3 CCombined 12.187 Pro Series E:
William Polly
William Orrell
Dalton Nichols
Josh Hainsel
Peter Ford

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