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Verifications are still coming in! The World Record is 624,390 stackers.

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Tan Chee Lok
Event Time Rank
3-3-3 1.551 63rd
3-6-3 2.089 177th
cycle 6.212 253rd
all-around 9.852 182nd

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  • St Joseph's School Opunake 91 Stackers
    A Wonderful Fun Filled Day. We Had Each Class Do 3 Main Activities, Mostly Using The 6 Cups Stack. The Little Ones Used The 3 Cup Stack For Their Activities. We Did The Card And Dice Game, And The Rob Your Neighbour Game Too.
    -- STEPHANIE V. (Opunake, New Zealand)
  • Whitlow Elementary School 230 Stackers
    Cup Stacking Relays And Other Cup Related Activities During PE.
    -- Alex E. (Cumming, GA United States)
  • William Floyd High School 30 Stackers
    We Used Fitness And Cup Stacking Together
    -- Nicole A. (Mastic Beach, NY United States)
  • Brandenburg Elementary 383 Stackers
    We Used Several Different Activities From The Speed Stack Curriculum And Also Had Some Tournaments Between Students.
    -- Jana N. (Irving, TX United States)
  • Pepper Ridge Elementary 148 Stackers
    Students Performed Relays Where They Competed With Other Teams To Match The Teachers Crazy Stack!
    -- Bryan S. (Bloomington, IL United States)
  • Johnston Elementary 303 Stackers
    We Are Working On A Basketball Unit, So We Incorporated Basketball Into The Cup Stack Challenge. The Students Loved It And We Had A Lot Of Fun.
    -- Michael L. (Woodstock, GA United States)
  • Primarschule Magden 52 Stackers
    We Have Had A Lot Of Fun :-D
    -- Tanja D. (Magden, Switzerland)
  • Macarthur Home School Network 25 Stackers
    We Started With An Intro To Stacking For Beginners And Everyone Began With 3x3 Then 3x6x3 Then Cycle. We Did Relay Races And Then Head To Head Stacks. Then We Finished With Stacking All Our Cups To See If It Would Reach The Ceiling. Lots Of Fun Was Had By All!
    -- Debbie B. (Macarthur, Australia)
  • Our Lady Of Mercy 172 Stackers
    We Had More Students Than Anticipated As Other Teachers Wanted To Join In The Fun. We More Than Doubled Our Numbers That Were "expected"!
    -- Stephanie B. (Rochester, NY United States)
  • Willow Avenue Elementary 105 Stackers
    Cooperative Stacking
    -- Jen N. (Cornwall, NY United States)
  • Legacy Elementary School 316 Stackers
    All Of Our Students Participated In A Fitness Stack Up Relay During Their Scheduled Physical Education Class Time.
    -- Regina D. (Ocala, FL United States)
  • Randerson Ridge 62 Stackers
    We Went Through The Lessons With Emily Fox
    -- Mark R. (Nanaimo, BC Canada)
  • Perry Elementary School 55 Stackers
    We Did Stations For Our Kindergartners That Had Different Stacks At Each Station With Another Activity Involved!
    -- Kelsey S. (Perry, KS United States)
  • Sam Houston Elementary 455 Stackers
    Students Had A Fantastic Time. It Helped Knowing That They Are Going To Be A Part Of Something Really Big.
    -- Sam S. (McAllen, TX United States)
  • David Skeet Elementary School 250 Stackers
    It Was An Amazing Event Where The Whole School Gathered Together As Well As Parents And Community Members To Watch Our Students Show Off Their Skills In Speed Stacking.
    -- Mona Joyce T. (Vanderwagen, NM United States)
  • John Barry Elementary 29 Stackers
    Our Students Had An Amazing Time Trying To Create The Largest Tower They Have Ever Made!
    -- Michael M. (Philadelphia, PA United States)
  • Victoria Square PS 105 Stackers
    Everyone Had Fun Stacking.
    -- Patrick L. (Markham, ON Canada)
  • GOTR - Sara Berman 65 Stackers
    We Had A Parents And Students Competition Before School
    -- Sara B. (Las Vegas, NV United States)
  • Yarmouth Elementary School 195 Stackers
    Stations: Regular Cups And Patterns, Regular, Mini Or Jumbo Cups Creative Stacking. Battlestack, Timer Mats
    -- Bonnie L. (Yarmouth, NS Canada)
  • Horizon Elementary 125 Stackers
    I Had Each Class Stack For Their Entire 30 Minutes Of P.E. And They Had So Much Fun!
    -- Brandy S. (Shawnee, KS United States)
  • Butterfield Elementary School 38 Stackers
    Speedstacking Club Met At 7am To Stack Today.
    -- Patrick K. (Libertyville, IL United States)
  • Inverness Elementary School 167 Stackers
    During Our Stack Up 2019, Several Of My Kids Broke Their Personal Records. I Clearly Anticipate That They Will Be Even Faster With More Practice.
    -- Kelli B. (Inverness, MS United States)
  • Poage Elementary 52 Stackers
    Students Loved Stacking. They Worked So Well Together.
    -- Betsy M. (Ashland, KY United States)
  • Chester Park Elementary School Of The Arts 120 Stackers
    Fun Practicing The 3-3-3 Cup Stacking
    -- Melissa L. (Chester, SC United States)
  • Nanjing Foreign Language School Xianlin Campus Yanziji Distrct 44 Stackers
    I Was A Very Extraordinary Experience For All Of Us Participating In STACK UP!. I Hope That We Can Spread Sport Stacking To Every Corner Here In China.
    -- Li Y. (Nanjing, China)


All Divisions
Event Gender Time Athlete
3-3-3 M Male 1.322 Hyeon Jong Choi
F Female 1.424 Si Eun Kim
3-6-3 M Male 1.658 Chan Keng Ian
F Female 1.770 Si Eun Kim
Cycle M Male 4.753 Chan Keng Ian
F Female 5.042 Si Eun Kim
Doubles Time Athletes
Cycle CCombined 5.798 Wong Jun Xian & Chan Keng Ian
Relay Time Team Name / Athletes
Timed 3-6-3 CCombined 12.187 Pro Series E:
William Polly
William Orrell
Dalton Nichols
Josh Hainsel
Peter Ford

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