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Drew Dixon
Event Time Rank
3-3-3 1.531 47th
3-6-3 2.013 95th
cycle 6.094 194th
all-around 9.638 137th

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  • Janssen Elementary School 450 Stackers
    It Was A Ton Of Fun. The Students Used A Variety Of Cup Stack Sizes And Made A Ton Of Different Patterns All Day.
    -- Jessica H. (Combined Locks, WI United States)
  • Sheridan Hills Christian School 263 Stackers
    Students Arrived In 30 Minute Time Frames Throughout The Day, To Participate In A Variety Of Cup Stacking Challenges. We Used The Regular Cups, The Mini Stacks, And The Timers During The Event.
    -- Julie R. (Hollywood, FL United States)
  • Quest Charter Academy 34 Stackers
    Kindergarten Students Learned How To Do The 3 Stack And Played Some Games With Upstacking And Downstacking 3 Cups. We Also Used The Giant Cups. I Had 21 Kindergarten Students And 13 6th Graders Stacking As Well.
    -- Carolyn W. (Taylor, MI United States)
  • Huff Consolidated School 154 Stackers
    Students In Kindergarten Through 8th Grade Learned To Do The Three Stack And The 6 Stack And Then Competed Against Each Other.
    -- Betsy W. (Hanover, WV United States)
  • Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary School 41 Stackers
    We Had Stacking Stations Outside, It Was A Beautiful Sunny Day Full Of A Variety Of Students.
    -- Brian D. (Morrisville, PA United States)
  • Nanjing Foreign Language School Xianlin Campus Yanziji Distrct 44 Stackers
    I Was A Very Extraordinary Experience For All Of Us Participating In STACK UP!. I Hope That We Can Spread Sport Stacking To Every Corner Here In China.
    -- Li Y. (Nanjing, China)
  • Yarmouth Elementary School 195 Stackers
    Stations: Regular Cups And Patterns, Regular, Mini Or Jumbo Cups Creative Stacking. Battlestack, Timer Mats
    -- Bonnie L. (Yarmouth, NS Canada)
  • South Preston School 168 Stackers
    We Talked About Cup Stacking As A Sport And Played Several Cup Stacking Activities And Games.
    -- Kendall S. (Tunnelton, WV United States)
  • Keystone Elementary 38 Stackers
    The Students Had A Blast! Some Students That I Can't Seem To Get Motivated In Class Perked Up And Really Enjoyed This!
    -- Jason N. (Knox, PA United States)
  • Gosberton House Academy 60 Stackers
    Assembly, Built Stacks In Our Classes.
    -- Sam H. (Spalding, United Kingdom)
  • Charles E Schwarting School 253 Stackers
    The Kids And Teachers Had An Amazing Time Stacking At Different Stations.
    -- Erinn M. (Massapequa, NY United States)
  • Macarthur Home School Network 25 Stackers
    We Started With An Intro To Stacking For Beginners And Everyone Began With 3x3 Then 3x6x3 Then Cycle. We Did Relay Races And Then Head To Head Stacks. Then We Finished With Stacking All Our Cups To See If It Would Reach The Ceiling. Lots Of Fun Was Had By All!
    -- Debbie B. (Macarthur, Australia)
  • Bridge Creek Elementary 120 Stackers
    6 Classes Of Students Participated During PE Classes. It Was Fun For Our First Year Participating!
    -- Lindsay B. (Elgin, SC United States)
  • "Devil Stackers" TV Jahn Sinn & JTS Haiger 26 Stackers
    We Had A Lot Of Fun!
    -- Petra M. (35764 Sinn, Germany)
  • CCSD 54 Hoover School 255 Stackers
    2nd To 6th Graders Stacked In Small Groups With Small Cups Learning How To Use A Different Number Of Cups, How To Stack Quickly, And Take Them Down Quickly. Then Student Did Relay Races Completing Challenges With Giant Cup Stacks. What A Nice Experience.
    -- Kim L. (Schaumburg, IL United States)
  • Walden Elementary School 458 Stackers
    We Did Stations. Jumbo Cup Relay 3-3-3 6-6 1-10-10 Cycle Races
    -- Emily W. (Deerfield, IL United States)
  • Förderschule Am Budenberg 33 Stackers
    Schüler Und Lehrer In Allen Altersklassen Hatten Viel Spaß
    -- Svenja A. (Haiger, Germany)
  • Gayton Elementary School - Henrico County Public Schools 118 Stackers
    We Did Many Variations With Jumbo Cups And Regular Cups. The Students Loved It.
    -- Mary Anne W. (Henrico, VA United States)
  • Pauline Johnson Jr. P.S. 32 Stackers
    The Students Had A Great Time Stacking!
    -- Cheryl L. (Scarborough, ON Canada)
  • Horizon Elementary 125 Stackers
    I Had Each Class Stack For Their Entire 30 Minutes Of P.E. And They Had So Much Fun!
    -- Brandy S. (Shawnee, KS United States)
  • Paris Ridge Elementary 44 Stackers
    2nd And 3rd Grade Students Participated In Cup Stacking During Their Normal Gym Class!
    -- Tim S. (Caledonia, MI United States)
  • ISANA Palmati 25 Stackers
    Great Time, Thanks For Letting Us Participate!
    -- Christine G. (Sun Valley, CA United States)
  • Boulder Bluff Elementary School 25 Stackers
    Students In My Third Grade Class Spent Their PE Time Stacking. We Reviewed The 3 Stack, Learned The 6 Stack And Practiced By Playing Builders And Bulldozers And Doing A 3-6-3 Class Relay.
    -- Lindsey C. (Goose Creek, SC United States)
  • Longleaf Elementary 76 Stackers
    Our Students Loved Stacking 3-3-3.. Or 3-6-3 And Switching Partners After They Won!
    -- Tina S. (Melbourne, FL United States)
  • St. Mark School 63 Stackers
    Classes Worked At Mastering The 3-6-3 Stack With Friendly Competition Amongst Students!
    -- Susan S. (Peoria, IL United States)


All Divisions
Event Gender Time Athlete
3-3-3 M Male 1.322 Hyeon Jong Choi
F Female 1.424 Si Eun Kim
3-6-3 M Male 1.658 Chan Keng Ian
F Female 1.770 Si Eun Kim
Cycle M Male 4.753 Chan Keng Ian
F Female 5.042 Si Eun Kim
Doubles Time Athletes
Cycle CCombined 5.798 Wong Jun Xian & Chan Keng Ian
Relay Time Team Name / Athletes
Timed 3-6-3 CCombined 12.187 Pro Series E:
William Polly
William Orrell
Dalton Nichols
Josh Hainsel
Peter Ford

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