World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA)

WSSA Mission Statement

As the official, worldwide governing body for sport stacking, the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) promotes the standardization and advancement of sport stacking rules, records and events.

WSSA History in Brief

The WSSA was formed in 2001 as the World Cup Stacking Association but in 2005, both the name of the sport and the organization were changed in response to growing awareness that stacking had become an actual school-based sport. Sport stacking is now part of over 47,000 school and club programs in 54 countries worldwide.

What does the WSSA do?

The WSSA is your official resource for tournaments, rules, standards and guidelines on how to put on a successful stacking event and to provide a consistent framework for stacking tournaments and events.

What does a WSSA event look like?

The pinnacle sport stacking event - the World Sport Stacking Championships held each spring - is hosted by the WSSA. This event draws competitors from across the globe to attempt to set verified World Records in their age groups/divisions and be declared world-class in sport stacking.

Official Sponsor

Speed Stacks Inc. is proud to be the official sponsor and equipment provider of the WSSA. Speed Stacks equipment is the only equipment approved for use in WSSA sanctioned and recognized events.

International Board of Directors

The World Sport Stacking Association has appointed an International Board of Directors to help bring a more diverse, world view to the WSSA’s leadership and decision making processes. In addition to WSSA CEO Larry Goers and President Don Teel, the following leaders from the sport stacking community have joined the WSSA Board to represent Europe, Asia and North America:

Europe – Jeremy Simmonds

Jeremy and his England-based company Improveit have promoted a variety of sports and activities through UK schools for many years. In 2017 they joined the WSSA and now work passionately to introduce sport stacking to kids and families in the UK.

Asia – Woosuk Kang

Woosuk Kang has been the leader of WSSA Korea since 2011 and in that time has built an impressive foundation of sport stacking within Korea’s educational system. Woosuk cares deeply about stacking and has established a rigorous training and certification system for sport stacking coaches and judges within the country. He hosted the World Championships in 2014 and the Asian Open in 2016 and under his leadership, Under Woosuk’s guidance, Korea has become a dominant force in the world of stacking, with many records to their credit.

North America – Lori Bifarella

Lori Bifarella is an elementary Physical Education teacher in New York state and has been involved with sport stacking since 2003. She has hosted many tournaments and has been a leader involved in holding the World Championships and Junior Olympics Games since 2006. Lori was recognized by the New York State Association for Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance in 2016 as the Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the year and SHAPE America has recognized her as the 2018 Eastern District Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year.


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