WSSA Records

How To Set A Record

The WSSA verifies and keeps track of all "Divisional" and "Overall" National and World records set at WSSA Sanctioned Tournaments/Events as well as all "Divisional" and "Overall" State/Provincial records for the USA and Canada only. International WSSA affiliates keep track of their own State/Provincial records at their discretion. Records can only be set in "Finals" competition and are deemed "potential records" until they have been verified, one-way or the other, by the WSSA Video Verification Committee based in Colorado, USA.

Citizenship and Residency

Records are first attributed to the stacker's country of official citizenship, and second, to the State/Province of residence (if applicable). For example, a citizen of the United States and resident of the state of Colorado may set Divisional and Overall Colorado "State" and US "National" records. A citizen of any country may set a Divisional and/or Overall "National" and "World" record. Doubles & Relay Teams with "same" citizenship and residency can set State, Provincial, National and World records. Those with "mixed" citizenship and residency are only eligible for records where there is commonality i.e. a Colorado resident and a California resident can't set State records, however, they can set US National and World records. Same for a mixed Relay team. If a Doubles team or Relay Team has members from different countries, they would only be eligible for World records.

The following protocol must be followed to set records:

  1. Must use WSSA approved Speed Stacks® brand sport stacking cups that have not been tampered with or altered in any way.
  2. Must use a StackMat® Pro and Tournament Display Pro.
  3. Must be videotaped for review and verification purposes. (For camera placement see WSSA Rule Book)
  4. Must have 2 Judges* to judge each try. (For Judges placement see WSSA Rule Book)

For complete rules please see the WSSA Rule Book.

Promoting good sportsmanship.

Sport stacking not only develops important physical skills, such as hand-eye coordination, quickness and focus; it also promotes selfconfidence, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Our intent is to uphold these qualities and provide a positive experience for all.

Please understand that most everyone involved in sport stacking competitive events is a volunteer working hard to do the best job they can do. Like any athletic competition, decisions and judgments will be made-–most will be correct, some may be questionable—all will be sincere. We ask that all those taking part in a competition, including Stackers, Relay Team Coordinators, Officials and Spectators, do their best to work together, be good sports and positive role models, and have a terrific time! The WSSA follows the principles and guidelines as outlined by the Positive Coaching Alliance.

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