Coaches' Corner

Reminders for Clean Times in Competition and Video Review

by Lisa Berman, TEAM USA, St. Louis, MO
May 20, 2019 Aim for a style that is so clean that video review just confirms it is clean. The stops and starts should be so clearly clean at full speed that the video review is quick and easy because in slow motion it is even more obviously clean. You can’t...

How to Prepare for World Sport Stacking Championships

by Lisa Berman, TEAM USA, St. Louis, MO
Feb 28, 2019 The following are excerpts from emails sent by Lisa Berman to the State Team members in March of 2018 as they prepared for the World Sport Stacking Championships. Coaches and stackers training for any event might find the information useful. Preparing...

Stacking with “Special” Stackers

by Kathy Zink, TEAM KANSAS, Olathe, KS
Jan 17, 2017 I have been the stacking coach for the Inclusion Connections team since taking five stackers with special needs to the US Nationals in Kansas City in March, 2014. It was such a positive, fun and encouraging experience that our kids have enjoyed stacking...

The Importance of Warming Up

by Lisa Berman, TEAM USA, St. Louis, MO
Jan 17, 2017 This is my fifth year coaching a stacking club in the evenings at Concordia Turners where I run three sanctioned competitions per year. My club format always starts with a 15-20 minute warm up which is assigned by me, their coach. In my opinion, speed...

Welcome to the Coaches' Corner!

Most students learn sport stacking in their physical education classes. This ignites an interest in the sport and then they become interested in competing. The World Sport Stacking Association receives many inquiries from teachers and parents who would like to understand more about coaching competitive sport stackers. This new area of the WSSA website will be dedicated to supporting stackers in training for and competing in sport stacking competitions.

The Coaches' Corner will feature warm up ideas, exercises for improving technique and consistency, and tips from coaches, WSSA staff and the nation's best stackers. Check back each month for new training ideas and words of wisdom from experts from around the world.

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