Consistency means that a stacker can get the same time repeatedly. This is important in competition since there are only three official tries for each individual stack in a competition. If a stacker can only randomly get their fastest times, then they will not be successful when they are under the pressure of competition. Working on consistency will build a stacker’s confidence which will lead to success in competition. This section of the Coaches’ Corner provides ideas for helping stackers improve their consistency.

Consistency Goals

A goal for consistency should be different than a new personal best. Stackers should set a consistency goal that is slower than his or her fastest time. Stackers set that goal and then attempt to stack that time 5 stacks in a row. Once that goal has been achieved, the stacker can choose a faster consistency goal. Meeting a consistency goal can take multiple practice sessions.

The Consistency Challenge

In sport stacking, everyone gets three attempts to get their best time and sometimes it’s a challenge to get their best time even with 3 attempts. In order to build a mindset that 3 attempts is plenty, try completing this Consistency Challenge. Complete three comp trainings. On the first one, you get two warm ups and one attempt for each stack. How’d it go? Could you get a strong time in one attempt? On the second one, you get 2 warm ups and 2 attempts for each stack. Did that feel like enough? On the third attempt, you get two warm ups and the usual three attempts. Were you able to get a strong time for you in at least one attempt? Aim to be able to get a time you’re happy with in at least 2 of your attempts.


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