Warm Ups

Warm ups in sport stacking are not necessarily about injury prevention as they often are in other sports. A good warm up in sport stacking prepares an athlete for mental preparation and enhanced performance during their practice session. This section of the Coaches’ Corner provides ideas for coaches and stackers to make warm ups productive and meaningful.


Stackers set up their mat and timer. They complete the following, in order, without timing any specific stack:

  • 1 shuffle stack
  • 2 rapid fires
  • 3 minutes of 3-3-3
  • 4 minutes of 3-6-3
  • 5 minutes of cycle (NOTE: Stackers who have not yet mastered the cycle can up stack and down stack the 6-6- portion of the cycle.)


Complete 5 3-3-3’s then 5 3-6-3’s and then 5 Cycles. This helps build stamina for prelims because this is what a stacker needs to do at the table with their 2 warm ups and 3 attempts for each stack.


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