Si Eun Kim Sets Female Individual Cycle Sport Stacking World Record. Twice.

Date: Jan 18, 2018

The selection process for Korea’s 2018 world championships national team kicked off on 2017 December 10 in Goyang-si, Korea. In both of the qualifying rounds to date, Si Eun Kim has managed to better the female cycle world record. She started off with a 5.246 seconds third attempt in Stack of Champions, which once again made her the sole record holder for the female divisions. The record was previously held by Si Eun Kim’s national team teammate, Eun Jin Jo at 5.325 seconds. The following week, in the same round of competition and same attempt, she betters the record by an incremental 0.001 seconds. The record now stands at 5.245 seconds.

Congratulations to Si Eun Kim on closing off 2017 strong. Si Eun Kim will kick off 2018 at the 3rd round of world championships qualifiers in Gangnam-gu next weekend.


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