WSSA Appoints International Board of Directors

Date: Jan 23, 2018

The World Sport Stacking Association has appointed an International Board of Directors to help bring a more diverse, world view to the WSSA’s leadership and decision making processes. In addition to WSSA CEO Larry Goers and President Don Teel, the following leaders from the sport stacking community will join the WSSA Board to represent Europe, Asia and North America:

Europe – Burkhard Reuhl

As the leader of WSSA Germany since 2004, Burkhard Reuhl is the longest serving international member of the WSSA and has been an important voice in the organization’s development for many years. Burkhard has built a strong community of sport stacking teachers and leaders in Germany and hosted the World Championships in 2012 and 2016.

Asia – Woosuk Kang

Woosuk Kang has been the leader of WSSA Korea since 2011 and in that time has built an impressive foundation of sport stacking within Korea’s educational system. Woosuk cares deeply about stacking and has established a rigorous training and certification system for sport stacking coaches and judges within the country. He hosted the World Championships in 2014 and the Asian Open in 2016 and under his leadership, Korea has become the dominant world force in stacking and currently holds the majority of top sport stacking records.

North America – Lori Bifarella

Lori Bifarella is an elementary Physical Education teacher in New York state and has been involved with sport stacking since 2003. She has hosted many tournaments and has been a leader involved in holding the World Championships and Junior Olympics Games since 2006. Lori was recognized by the New York State Association for Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance in 2016 as the Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the year and SHAPE America has recognized her as the 2018 Eastern District Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year.

Please join us in congratulating these new WSSA International Board of Directors members the next time you see them at an event!

Larry Goers
CEO, World Sport Stacking Association


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