Lisa Berman the Official Director of USA Sport Stacking

Date: Oct 01, 2018

Dear Stacking Community,

I am proud to announce the promotion of Lisa Berman to official Director of USA Sport Stacking. USA Sport Stacking is a new initiative within the WSSA, charged with the growth and development of our sport here in the US. Lisa will be working closely with Mark Sykes and our new State Teams Assistant Coach, Michael Senf, to provide greater opportunities for athletes to excel in our sport.

Many of you already know Lisa as she has been on staff with the WSSA for just over three years. Lisa is very dedicated to our sport, its fundamentals, and committed to its growth and success. Lisa is an extremely talented, bright and hardworking individual and we are very thankful to have her on our team. Please join me in congratulating Lisa in her new role!


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