A Message from the WSSA about Scratches

Date: Oct 16, 2018

The WSSA has been approving a lot of new records over the last couple of months - we love new records! Sadly, we have also had to scratch some runs and holding cups while stopping the Timer continues to be the #1 reason that potential records get scratched. We thought it would be helpful to say a few things about this as stackers start preparing for the upcoming season.

More and more, we see stackers adopting a style of stopping the Timer in the same downward motion as the final downstack and some stackers are not clearly releasing the cups before touching the Timer, resulting in a scratch. We encourage stackers to adopt a style where the hands clearly release the cups before touching the Timer. If you are using the ‘karate chop’ style stop, be sure to straighten out your hands and pull your thumbs back before touching the Timer so it’s clear that you are not holding the cups. Another option is to use the ‘flat hands’ style and slide your hands back into the Timer after releasing the cups. By turning the palms downward and sliding them back into the Timer, it is clear that the cups are not being held when the Timer is stopped.

We hope this is helpful and look forward to new records in the coming season. STACK FAST!


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