Foot Fault Rule Clarification

Date: Nov 15, 2018

The relay team Four America recently had a potential world record attempt scratched during video review because of a foot fault and some of the discussion that has followed our decision has prompted us at the WSSA Rules Committee to clarify the foot fault rule.

A Foot Fault is defined as “foot on/over the start line”. Being “over” the line not only refers to having a foot touching the line or the floor past the line, but also includes any part of the foot that is above the line, even if it is not in contact with the line. The reason for this rule is simple: if stackers were allowed to hang part of their foot over the line (without touching it) then judges would have to try to decide what point underneath their foot actually touches the floor, which is impractical. Note that other parts of the body are allowed to hang over the line – it is only the feet that cannot do so.

WSSA Rules Committee


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