Cup Printing Rule Guidelines

Date: Dec 21, 2018

2019 is almost here! We’ve received some questions recently about the ‘cup printing rule’ that goes into effect Jan 1, 2019, so here are some guidelines to help stackers feel confident their cups are in compliance. The new rule states:

"All cups used at WSSA events must have original printing that is clearly visible and in good condition. This rule applies to all cups in a set. Attempts using non-allowed cups will be scratched during video review, regardless of whether or not the cups were flagged as a problem at the event." Complete Official WSSA Rule Book

The WSSA recognizes that the printing on cups wears down through normal use. In fact, many stackers prefer cups that have been 'broken in' and this is perfectly acceptable up to a point. The printing on cups becomes ‘faded’ with use and can also become 'spotty', by wearing more in one place than another. With both of these types of wear in mind, the WSSA will use a 50/50 rule to judge whether a cup is in 'good condition'. If a cup has more than 50% of its original printing intact, then the cup will be considered good. A cup that has both faded and spotty printing is much less likely to meet the 50% threshold, because both factors are taken into consideration. Cups with visibly worn printing are allowed in competition but we recommend that stackers use cups that are obviously over the 50% mark to avoid being disallowed or risk a scratch. It’s also important to remember that ALL cups in the stack must pass the 50% rule, including any 'anchor cups' that are used.

As a reminder, any cups with any part of the printing purposely removed (such as with solvent) are not allowed at tournaments and will be scratched in video review.

Have a great holiday season and good luck to all stackers in 2019!

WSSA Rules Committee


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