Chan Keng Ian and Wong Jun Xian Set New Overall Doubles Sport Stacking World Record 5.798

Date: Jun 18, 2019

The run is clean. However, at first glance the attempt would appear to be a scratch because the right-hand Stacker (Ian) knocks over the down stacked 3-stack. Upon detailed review by the WSSA, we found the run to be clean based on the following explanation:

The WSSA Rule Book states, "All cups must be down stacked and upright before the Timer is stopped. If a stack(s) of cups are still in motion once the Timer has been stopped, they must come to a rest on their own, in a down stacked and upright position on the stacking surface; otherwise an infraction will occur. Furthermore, once the Timer has been stopped and the cups have come to rest on their own (no matter the order of occurrence) the run/try is deemed finished and an infraction cannot then occur." (pg.4)

Approximately 1/10th of a second occurred between the stop of the timer and the moment when Ian's hand knocks over the right-hand side 3-stack. In that time frame, that 3-stack of cups was down stacked and upright with no motion. Since the timer was stopped and all of the cups came to a rest on their own in a down stacked and upright position prior to Ian's hand knocking over the 3-stack, it means that the run was finished at that time and no infraction can occur after that point. Although it happened so quickly, the WSSA determined that the run was finished before Ian knocked down the 3-stack.

Congratulations to Chan Keng Ian and Wong Jun Xian for breaking the Doubles world record by almost a tenth of a second - a significant jump for this sport. This new time of 5.798 seconds was set on June 9, 2019 at the NS Seremban Prima Sport Stacking Championships in Seremban, Malaysia.

Please note that the video you are viewing here has been compressed by YouTube, so the frame rate and resolution is not the same as the original video that the WSSA reviewed.


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