An announcement from the WSSA Rules Committee

Date: Aug 07, 2019

Version 7.8 of the WSSA Rulebook has been posted. In addition to some minor changes and updates, below is a summary of the most important changes that stackers and coaches should be aware of:

  • In the up stacking phase, stackers must perform individual stacks with two hands. While most are doing this anyway, the old rules allowed for stackers to have the option to up stack with one hand. This option was removed to align with how sport stacking is taught – by using two hands. Of course, allowances are still made for stackers who have a disability that would prevent them from using both hands.
  • The definition of a Special Stacker was updated to be more inclusive and to allow for certain accommodations to be made at the competition table. Divisions for Special Stackers are also clarified.
  • Rules around citizenship and residency are updated and clarified.
  • A description of when the down stacking phase begins during the 1-10-1 part of the cycle is clarified.


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