Coaching at Competition Tables

Date: Jan 02, 2020

We’ve noticed at recent tournaments that coaches are beginning to interact with stackers for a significant period of time in between tries while the stacker is at the competition table. While this is not prohibited in the rules, it is affecting tournament schedules. Tournaments schedules are planned with enough time for a stacker to do their two warm ups and three tries without breaks in between. When stackers pause between tries and walk back to talk with a coach, it significantly lengthens their overall time at the competition table and affects the tournament schedule for everyone.

We understand that some stackers may need to talk with their coach while at the competition table so we would prefer not to impose rules around this practice. But we do ask that stackers and coaches only do this when absolutely necessary and not make it a regular practice. This will help keep tournaments on schedule and make the experience better for everyone. Since Tournament Directors are responsible for tournaments schedules, if they see a coach regularly interacting with stackers at the competition table, they or their Division Managers may step in and ask the coach to refrain from doing so.

Thanks in advance for doing your part to help keep our tournaments on schedule and flowing smoothly!

WSSA Rules Committee


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