Cancellation Announcement

Date: Feb 07, 2020

Dear Stackers and Families of 2020 Worlds in Singapore

I’m sorry to announce that because of the coronavirus, we have no choice but to cancel the 2020 World Sport Stacking Championships in Singapore on April 10 - 12. The Singapore Ministry of Health is now advising against holding any large scale events there and yesterday we learned that our host hotel will be used by the Singapore government as a quarantine center for travelers returning from outside the country. Given these circumstances, we don’t think it is practical or responsible to proceed with the event in Singapore right now. We realize that stackers, parents and coaches have invested substantial time, energy and money into attending this event, but it would be irresponsible to ignore the Singapore Health Ministry’s warning and we will not risk the health of our stackers or families in any way.

At this point, it is not practical to hold the event somewhere else on the same weekend in April but we are hoping we might still be able to hold it in Singapore later this year. Unfortunately, we won’t know what the long term situation will be in Singapore for a while, so we cannot say for certain whether this will be possible or not. What we will do is stay engaged with everyone and if it looks like holding it in Singapore later this year is a possibility, we will try to find a date that works for as many people as possible.

Please contact the WSSA representative for your country if you have questions about reservations you have already made or any other details related to your travel or team. Again, I’m sorry but this situation was unavoidable.

World Sport Stacking Association


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