Records From Sanctioned Tournaments

Date: Nov 02, 2021

We are excited to see a surge of sanctioned, in-person competitions these last couple of months, and are encouraged to see the number of competitions yet to come this season.

We want everyone in the stacking community to be aware of a couple of details as we move into a busier season of sanctioned events:

  1. There will be delays on the publishing of new records for a while until the high turnover in records settles down. With the launch of the new record database this September, a large number of new records has to be reviewed after every sanctioned tournament in the order in which they occurred. Since video review now has to be done sequentially, this makes the entire process a lot slower than it used to be. We appreciate your patience and we hope that as the turnover in records slows down, the approval process will speed up. We encourage all tournament directors to send their videos within one week of receiving their record list to further speed up the review process.
  2. When two or more sanctioned tournaments happen on the same date (regardless of the location of these tournaments), the potential record list will be merged to find the fastest times of that particular date for every record type.

Good luck to all coaches, staff and stackers at the upcoming sanctioned tournaments! We look forward to seeing many new records set over the next few months.



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