2022 World Sport Stacking Championships

Date: Dec 10, 2021

The 2022 World Sport Stacking Championships is set for April 8-10 and once again will happen with a brand new format. This year's WSSC will consist of multiple in-person "satellite" competitions where each location will run their own full tournament consisting of prelims, finals, and awards. Once they are complete all results will be entered into one large World Championships tournament and stackers will be ranked accordingly.

The 2022 World Championships is an invitation-only event and each country will assemble a national team and that team will compete together in one location. Some locations may compete on all three days and others may use less – the days for each location will be announced soon.

Here are some of the 2022 Worlds locations (additional locations will be added once they are confirmed)

  • USA Location - Colorado // Open to Team USA Stackers
  • Canada Location - Salaberry de Valleyfield, QC // Open to Team Canada Stackers
  • Denmark Location - Frederiksberg // Open to European teams with no dedicated location
  • Germany Location - Achim // Open to Team Germany and Team Netherlands
  • Spain Location - Alicante (Valencia) // Open to European teams with no dedicated location



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