Rule Book Update

Date: Mar 25, 2022

Version 8.1 of the WSSA Rule Book and includes an important change and clarification regarding the use of the G5 timer. These rules take effect immediately.

Here is a summary of the changes that stackers and coaches should be aware of:

  • Rule Change (page 3, "Stacking Surface" section)
    • The previous definition of the “stacking surface” included both the mat and the timer. Now the stacking surface is only considered the mat. Cups cannot be on top of the timer, otherwise an infraction will occur. All other old rules pertaining to the stacking surface still apply.
  • Rule Clarification (pages 2 & 3, "StackMat" section)
    • The Rules Committee wanted to clarify the way stackers can start the G5 timer. We have seen stackers starting like this and wanted to clarify that this is allowed. The rule book has been updated to make that clearer.
    • As a reminder, stackers must still use their left thumb to activate the left thumb pad and their right thumb to activate the right thumb pad when starting the timer.


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