Ayano Seo (瀬尾彩乃) ID: 225164


I am Ayano Seo and would like access to my account.



This stacker does not have any records in our system yet.

All Time Statistics

Event Time Rank
3-3-3 7.652 7466th
3-6-3 10.826 7415th
cycle 35.262 7160th
all-around 53.740 6251st

Online Best Times

Event Time
3-3-3 5.394
3-6-3 6.829
cycle 21.026
all-around 33.249


Tournaments (18)

2021-2022 Time Rank
6th Sodachiba Cup 41.495 7th
WSSC Japan Satellite Location 44.183 8th
World Sport Stacking Championships 44.183 192nd
5th Sodachiba Cup 34.711 8th
Asian Open Sport Stacking Championships 38.580 82nd
Japan 8th Online Challenge 33.249 10th
2020-2021 Time Rank
Japan 7th Online Challenge 40.159 5th
Japan 6th Online Challenge 47.777 9th
Japan 5th Online Challenge 54.646 8th
World Sport Stacking Championships
Japan 4th Online Challenge 50.037 6th
Japan 3rd Online Challenge 51.987 6th
Japan 2nd Online Challenge 49.366 7th
2019-2020 Time Rank
Japan 1st Online Challenge 53.333 6th
Japan Open Tournament
The 5th JAPAN CUP Tournament 53.740 20th
2018-2019 Time Rank
2019 JAPAN OPEN Tournament
Japan Christmas Tournament

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