Chooi Chee Siong ID: 223187


  • Malaisie
  • Sexe: Mâle
  • cohérence: 92.36%
    • 3-3-3: 90.43%
    • 3-6-3: 94.64%
    • Cycle: 92.01%



cet empileur n'a pas encore d'enregistrement dans notre système.

Statistiques De Tous Les Temps

Épreuve Temps Rang
3-3-3 1.539 61st
3-6-3 2.160 309th
cycle 6.000 184th
all-around 9.699 164th

Enregistrement De La Légende: OWR DWR ONR DNR
* Rankings do not include tournaments that are in the video review process.


Tournois (19)

2020-2021 Temps Rang
NS & Melaka Online Stacking Competition Series 1 9.969 2nd
World Sport Stacking Qualifier 10.610 9th
NS & Melaka Students' Online Sport Stacking Challenge 9.497 2nd
Malaysia Day Sport Stacking Challenge 11.702 4th
2019-2020 Temps Rang
Malaysia Open Online Sport Stacking Challenge 10.248 6th
Klang Parade Sport Stacking Challenge
NS MesaMall Sport Stacking Championships 10.010 2nd
Bulan Sukan Negara Stackfast 9.854 4th
NS Stacking Is FUN Malaysia Day Challenge 10.630 4th
2018-2019 Temps Rang
DPulze Asian Qualifier 10.715 10th
NS Stacking is FUN Challenge 11.281 8th
NS Seremban Prima Sport Stacking Championships 11.160 11th
Summit Malaysia Open Sport Stacking Championships 12.065 21st
N9SA Sport Stacking Challenge 11.008 3rd
DPluze Open Sport Stacking Championships
NS MesaMall Sport Stacking Championships 12.131 12th
Royale Chulan Seremban Sport Stacking Challenge 17.529 37th
Modern Woodcraft Furniture Kejohanan Sukan Stacking Antara Sekolah-sekolah Negeri Sembilan 12.153 3rd
2017-2018 Temps Rang
NS MesaMall Sport Stacking Championships

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