Elva Tan Shin Yan ID: 225970




This stacker does not have any records in our system yet.

All Time Statistics

Event Time Rank
3-3-3 3.395 3679th
3-6-3 4.147 3138th
cycle 11.685 2703rd
all-around 19.227 2588th

Record's Legend: OWR DWR ONR DNR
* Rankings do not include tournaments that are in the video review process.

Online Best Times

Event Time
3-3-3 3.469
3-6-3 4.922
cycle 13.461
all-around 21.852


Tournaments (5)

2019-2020 Time Rank
Malaysia Open Online Sport Stacking Challenge 21.852 55th
NS MesaMall Sport Stacking Championships 19.227 39th
NS Stacking Is FUN Malaysia Day Challenge 24.995 17th
2018-2019 Time Rank
NS Seremban Prima Sport Stacking Championships
NS MesaMall Sport Stacking Championships

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