Kira Ford ID: 227120




This stacker does not have any records in our system yet.

All Time Statistics

Event Time Rank
3-3-3 3.136 3061st
3-6-3 4.459 3875th
cycle 14.133 4180th
all-around 21.728 3480th

Online Best Times

Event Time
3-3-3 2.936
3-6-3 4.002
cycle 13.137
all-around 20.075


Tournaments (24)

2021-2022 Time Rank
Windy City Open IL Championships 24.147 9th
Meijer State Games of Michigan Online Sport Stacking Competition 25.053 5th
Miami Open Online Sport Stacking Championships 23.102 7th
HOTlanta Regional Sport Stacking Championships 22.197 24th
Northridge Open 30.057 6th
St. Louis Open 10th Annual Cornucopia of Cups Sport Stacking Tournament 26.131 13th
West Coast Online Fall 2 28.514 14th
STL Stacking Online Tournament #1 26.779 10th
2020-2021 Time Rank
West Coast Online Championships 30.645 13th
Indiana Online State Sport Stacking Championships 24.866 11th
Surf-Side Sport Stacking Tournament 31.381 9th
Windy City Open Online Challenge 3 24.598 14th
Meijer State Games of Michigan Online Sport Stacking Competition 31.004 10th
Stackers United Online Sport Stacking Tournament 24.899 13th
Windy City Open Online Challenge 2 26.112 12th
Windy City Open Online Challenge 28.305 11th
Cornucopia of Cups Online Sport Stacking Tournament 24.043 21st
2019-2020 Time Rank
Battle of The Bluegrass 32.903 19th
Northridge Open 23.152 6th
A-town Fall Classic 43.261 13th
Baltimore's Best Western Fall Open 38.908 16th
2018-2019 Time Rank
AAU Junior Olympic Games Sport Stacking Championships 28.791 55th
Illinois State Sport Stacking Championships 33.544 12th
Delmarva Sport Stacking Tournament 35.259 29th

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