Rayden Yuen Hoe Zheng ID: 174133


  • Malaisie
  • Sexe: Mâle
  • cohérence: 92.78%
    • 3-3-3: 94.63%
    • 3-6-3: 99.04%
    • Cycle: 84.67%



cet empileur n'a pas encore d'enregistrement dans notre système.

Statistiques De Tous Les Temps

Épreuve Temps Rang
3-3-3 1.840 782nd
3-6-3 2.534 1308th
cycle 7.254 1129th
all-around 11.628 990th

Enregistrement De La Légende: OWR DWR ONR DNR
* Rankings do not include tournaments that are in the video review process.


Tournois (11)

2019-2020 Temps Rang
NS Stacking Is FUN Malaysia Day Challenge 11.815 7th
2018-2019 Temps Rang
NS Stacking is FUN Challenge 16.005 30th
NS Seremban Prima Sport Stacking Championships
Summit Malaysia Open Sport Stacking Championships
Royale Chulan Seremban Sport Stacking Challenge
Sayangi Malaysiaku Sport Stacking Championships 12.618 13th
2017-2018 Temps Rang
NS MesaMall Sport Stacking Championships 12.845 15th
DPulze Asian Qualifier
Summit Malaysia Open Sport Stacking Championships 15.811 47th
NS Stacking is FUN! Sport Stacking Challenge 15.224 14th
DPulze Open Sport Stacking Championships 14.740 27th

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