Weronika Zgoła ID: 29817


  • Poland
  • Gender: Female
  • consistency: unknown

I am Weronika Zgoła and would like access to my account.


This stacker does not have 3-3-3, 3-6-3 and Cycle times in our system yet that were set during finals at a sanctioned tournament..


Current Records

coming soon...

Past Records

Event Time Name/Year
cycle 14.608 December 2016
3-6-3 4.885 December 2016


Event Time Rank
3-3-3 1st
3-6-3 4.885 DNR 2760th
cycle 14.608 2696th
all-around OWR 1st

Record's Legend: OWR DWR ONR DNR


Tournaments (1)

2016 Time Rank
Mistrzostwa Szkoły w Sport Stackingu - Lusowo

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