2008 STACK UP! Overview


2008 STACK UP! sets new Guinness World Record

Exceeding all expectations, the 2008 WSSA STACK UP! smashed last year's record of 143,530 for "Most People Sport Stacking at Multiple Locations in one Day."

Thanks to the 1,343 schools and organizations and 174 individuals and families that "Stacked It Up" from around the world!

After a count, then a recount, WSSA Executive Director Mark Lingle boxed up the official Guinness Verification Forms and sent them certified mail to the Guinness office in New York City on November 26th. Confirmation of receipt was given by Brian Reinert from Guinness, who said it "looks great." He also said the contents would be reviewed quickly and logged by Guinness representatives in the United Kingdom. Once the number is official, Reinert said the record will appear in the Guinness World Record Book published in September 2009 in the Guinness World Record Day section and within its own record category. Here are a few pictures and facts from the day's stacking. Stay tuned for more photos and stories from the 2008 WSSA STACK UP!

We do not list participating countries and organizations prior to online verification which was implemented in 2010.

STACK UP! Stamp of Approval

Participating organizers don't forget to download your 2008 WSSA STACK UP! Stamp of Approval as a keepsake of this year's record-setting event. Create one for your School / Organization and for each Participant if you like!

Download Your Stamp Of Approval

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