2019 STACK UP! Overview


Stack with 635,000+ people around the globe to Help Break A Guinness World Records Title!


We have unofficially set a new STACK UP! Guinness World Record Title! Thank you to everyone who took part and made this event a huge success! Verifications continue to come in.

  • The WSSA Stamp of Approval certificates will be ready once we have our final number to submit to Guinness. This usually takes about a week.

Participating Locations/Regions (26)

  • United States (586,557)
  • Canada (30,461)
  • Israel (2,900)
  • Romania (2,765)
  • United Kingdom (2,478)
  • Spain (2,335)
  • Taiwan (1,471)
  • China (1,441)
  • Hungary (1,316)
  • Singapore (830)
  • Germany (621)
  • Korea (620)
  • Switzerland (546)
  • Poland (403)
  • Japan (347)
  • New Zealand (329)
  • Kyrgyzstan (209)
  • South Africa (177)
  • Denmark (147)
  • Kazakhstan (119)
  • Philippines (108)
  • Malaysia (80)
  • Reunion (72)
  • Malta (32)
  • Australia (25)
  • Serbia (25)

Verifications are continuing to come in...

STACK UP! News Feed (mouseover the stories below to pause scrolling)

  • ISANA Palmati 25 Stackers
    Great Time, Thanks For Letting Us Participate!.
    -- Christine G. (Sun Valley, CA United States)
  • Wingdale Elementary 130 Stackers
    We All Had Fun Learning And Completing The Cycle. Also, They Loved There Relay Games Of Cup Stacking..
    -- Kathleen C. (Wingdale, NY United States)
  • River Beach Primary School 366 Stackers
    We Had Fun, It Was An Exciting Day - EVERYONE LOVED IT !!!!.
    -- Zoe W. (Littlehampton, United Kingdom)
  • Longleaf Elementary 76 Stackers
    Our Students Loved Stacking 3-3-3.. Or 3-6-3 And Switching Partners After They Won!.
    -- Tina S. (Melbourne, FL United States)
  • Frances C Richmond Middle School 99 Stackers
    It Was A Great Event. Did Stacking Activities During 3 Periods Of PE Classes Like Blasters/stackers, Stack Tag, And Lots Of Relay Races. Students Really Enjoyed Participating. .
    -- Missie R. (Hanover, NH United States)
  • Lawrence Orr Elementary School 909 Stackers
    Students From All Special Area Classes Came Into The Gym To Stack For Their Specials Time. Students Practiced On Their Own, Challenged Each Other, And Even Competed Against Teachers. .
    -- Melanie B. (Charlotte, NC United States)
  • COUNTY LINE SCHOOL 62 Stackers
    Third And Fifth Grade Students Had A Blast Stacking Today!.
    -- Lori B. (RATCLIFF, AR United States)
  • Pleasant Hill Elementary School 50 Stackers
    We Had 2nd, 3rd And 4th Grade Students Stacking In Physical Education Class Today. We Practed The 3-3-3 And Played The Game Triple Up, Triple Down..
    -- Nicole W. (Hemingway, SC United States)
  • Esker Lake Public School 359 Stackers
    Everyone Came Through The Gym And Stacked. Stations Were Set Up And The Older Students Helped The Younger Ones.
    -- Cheryl B. (brampton, ON Canada)
  • Integration Charter Schools 220 Stackers
    The Days Started By Hanging Decorations The Students Made Just For The Stack Up!! Then We Had Each Class Come And Stack With The Music Playing. It Was A Fun A Relaxing Event For The Kids After Putting In All That Hard Work Learning To Stack Our 3rd Annual, Hope To Do For Meant Years To Come. .
    -- Brandon B. (Staten Island, NY United States)
  • Transfiguration Academy 105 Stackers
    Kids Were Very Happy And Excited.
    -- Edwina L. (Bergenfield, NJ United States)
  • Brandenburg Elementary 383 Stackers
    We Used Several Different Activities From The Speed Stack Curriculum And Also Had Some Tournaments Between Students..
    -- Jana N. (Irving, TX United States)
  • WSSA KYRGYZSTAN 209 Stackers
    It Is Our First Experance To Stack Up And We Was So Happy To Do It. Our Stackers Is Train A Lot To Get The Best Results..
    -- Jakshylyk M. (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)
  • Ecole Publique Lionel-Gauthier 294 Stackers
    All Our Classes From Junior Kindergarden To Grade 6 (18 Classes) Participated. Some Were In The Class And Most Were In The Gym. It Was A Wonderful Day And The Kids Loved It!.
    -- Chantal L. (Timmins, ON Canada)
  • Spicer Elementary 318 Stackers
    We Had A Great Day!.
    -- Daniele C. (Haltom City, TX United States)
  • Charles E Schwarting School 253 Stackers
    The Kids And Teachers Had An Amazing Time Stacking At Different Stations..
    -- Erinn M. (Massapequa, NY United States)
  • William Floyd High School 30 Stackers
    We Used Fitness And Cup Stacking Together.
    -- Nicole A. (Mastic Beach, NY United States)
  • St Mary's School 238 Stackers
    Lots Of Relays. Juniours Working With Seniors. Buddy Classes. Building Towers..
    -- Ian K. (Whanganui, New Zealand)
  • Margate Elementary 187 Stackers
    Kids Had A Great Time Stacking It Up!.
    -- Troy W. (Margate, FL United States)
  • Brookland Junior School 28 Stackers
    Amazing Time At Stack Up! We All Had A Great Time And Played Several Fun Games, And Managed To Complete A Taller Tower Than Our Instructors! Looking Forward To Seeing The Results. Best Of Luck To Those Still Going. .
    -- Matt C. (Hertfordshire, United Kingdom)
  • Meadows Elementary 527 Stackers
    Stack During Our Kids Heart Challenge. We Just Finished Our KHC On Wednesday And Stacking Is Part Of That. We Did A Relay Stacking ALL 3 Sizes Of Cups. Then We Stacked As A Class Racing And Showing Off Our Skills..
    -- Randy S. (Topeka, KS United States)
  • Sunnyside Elementary 170 Stackers
    Awesome Day! Kids Loved It! They Really Enjoy Speed Stacking. Wanted To Continue On Friday, Which We Did!.
    -- Dan P. (Pullman, WA United States)
  • Benjamin Franklin Elementary School 92 Stackers
    The 4th Grade Had An Awesome Time Speed Stacking Cups For The WSSA! We Had The Students All Complete A 3 Stack For 5 Minutes, Then They Partnered Up For A 6 Stack..
    -- Karen S. (Philadelphia, PA United States)
    STACK UP DAY Was Held At The "V.A. Urechia Galati Library" Where The Students Participated With Preschoolers And Pupils In A Framework Organized Under The Guidance Of Professor Nanu Liliana And The Representative Of Sport Stacking Dunarea De Jos, Instructor Speed Stacks Burlui Tudorel..
    -- BURLUI T. (GALATI, Romania)
  • Roopville Elementary 98 Stackers
    Kids LOVE Stacking! Today We Did Stacking Stations, Stacking Relays, And Stacking Games!.
    -- Jill Y. (Roopville, GA United States)

Verifications are still coming in! The World Record is 624,390 stackers.

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Verification closes: 11:59 pm November 22nd (MST).

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