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Help us avoid duplicates: If you've already registered (maybe with another email address) please do not register more than once.

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You will receive this number of stickers to hand out to your participants. Please estimate as close as possible as we will only do one shipment.

You will need to have at least 25 stackers at your location to be counted for the STACK UP! Rally those around you to get a few more people then update your total and click here to continue.

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Important STACK UP! Agreement

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I understand that by registering for the 2021 STACK UP! and receiving the STACK UP! Packet (poster, stickers and Commemorative Items), I am committing to take part in STACK UP! I understand the WSSA is counting on me! I agree in good faith and with high integrity that I will promote this event, get as close to my estimated number of stackers as possible, and verify in a timely manner.

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