EventsAAU Junior Olympic Games Sport Stacking Championships

Age Divisions & Events

The WSSA reserves the right to combine, split or eliminate certain age divisions in order to create more meaningful competition depending on the size and scope of each sanctioned tournament. Combined age divisions, such as 13-14M, will not exceed 25 stackers. If more than 25 stackers register in a combined age division, the age division will be divided into single ages.

Event Information:

Stackers may compete in all or a portion of the events available to them. In order to have a "complete" Sport Stacking experience, we encourage ALL participants to compete in ALL events! That means joining a Relay Team! If you need help finding a Relay Team, indicate that on your registration and we will help to match you up with a team!

Note: Refer to the WSSA Events and Age Divisions for more specific information on the events offered above.

REMINDER At JOs we are running two separate groups for Child/Parent Doubles:

  • Child/Parent (Exhibition Only) - You are in this group if only the child is registered to compete in the AAU Junior Olympic Games Sport Stacking Championships. Child/Parent Doubles take place in the Give It A Go StackZone, please check the schedule for exact times. First place winners will be posted and will win a prize from the Speed Stacks Store.
  • Child/Parent Sanctioned Event - You are in this group if BOTH child and parent are registered to compete in the AAU Junior Olympic Games Sport Stacking Championships. Check the schedule for when Sanctioned Child/Parent Doubles prelims will take place. Top 5 will advance to finals with awards immediately following.

If you are an adult who would like to register to compete in individual events as well please email Lisa Berman at You will need to register with the AAU, register as a stacker with us, and pay the corresponding entry fees.

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