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Tournaments can have as few as 8 competitors to hundreds of competitors and have a single age represented or stackers from the ages of 6 and under to 60+! Recreational (Non-Sanctioned) tournaments are very flexible and do not require specific events, age divisions or types of awards. It is important to note, however, that Divisional, State, National and World Records will only be recognized at WSSA Sanctioned Tournaments and cannot be established by stackers at a WSSA Non-Sanctioned event.

Online Tournament Requirements

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Registering your competition with the WSSA will connect your stackers with the greater community of stackers. With more than 20 years of experience with running successful and rewarding competition experiences for stackers of all ages, we can offer expertise, equipment rental, an online management system and a presence on the web to showcase your top stackers.
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Time 60 minutes + 30 minutes + 3 hours +
Stackers At Least 20 Any At least 50
Events All 3 Individual Any At least 3
Rounds 1 or 2 1 or 2 2
Judges Online Basic Advanced
Cameras Live Stream No Yes
StackTrack Yes Yes Yes
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The WSSA is here to help!

  1. The WSSA Rule Book - which includes all the rules for sport stacking, procedures for setting official records, specifications on equipment and set up including layout of the Official Sport Stacking Court and a list of the Age Divisions and Events.
  2. Tournament Guide -to help with planning the WSSA offers an online Tournament Guide.
  3. StackTrack - to help manage your tournament the WSSA has the StackTrack (Tournament Management software) which takes the Stacker's Registration information and their times during the competition and creates a Leader Board, Individual and Team Results and Tournament Reports.
  4. Judges Training Video - helps prepare you and your volunteer judges to officiate all tournament events.
  5. Loaner Equipment - to help with your tournament equipment needs the WSSA provides you with Loaner StackMats, Tournament Displays, Speed Stacks® and more.
  6. Experience - the WSSA has supported tournament directors who have run hundreds of tournaments from small school-based recreational competitions to the World Sport Stacking Championships. Contact the WSSA at or call 314-398-6839 for more information.

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