ÜberblickWSSA 2019 Asian Open Sport Stacking Championships


The 2019 Asian Open Sport Stacking Championships will be held in the Xianglu Grand Hotel so your hotel room and the competition will all be in one building and very convenient for everyone. We require that all competitors and families stay at Xianglu Grand Hotel, as we have to commit to a block of all rooms to be able to use this venue.


Datum: November 29 - Dezember 01, 2019 at 8:00 am
Standort: China
Art: Sanctioned - World
Fristen / Gebühren: $51 (USD) Jun 3 Zu Okt 28 - Standardregistrierung
Späte Anmeldung: $60 (USD) Okt 29 to Nov 22
November 22 - letzter Tag um sich anzumelden
Öffentlichkeit: Closed
Standort: Xianglu Grand Hotel
No.18 Changhao Road, Huli District
Individuals Awards
3-3-3 Oben 5 (6-10 Certificates)
3-6-3 Oben 5 (6-10 Certificates)
Cycle Oben 5 (6-10 Certificates)
Alterseinteilung Oben 5
Kind / Elternteil Oben 5
Zeitgesteuert 3-6-3 Oben 4
Kopf An Kopf --


Direktor: Fan Yang

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