OverviewWSSA 2021 Black Stacks Worlds Qualification


PLEASE NOTE: This tournament is only available to those stackers based in New Zealand.

Tournament Explanation and Overview

In order to prepare for the world championships, this competition shall be run in the same manner.

Prelims are to be recorded and submitted in the week before. You will be provided with a code beforehand which is to be displayed in the prelims video. The video is to include all three attempts for the 333, 363, and cycle, this includes all warmups as well. Only a single video may be submitted for your individual prelims.

For Child-Parent doubles, a separate video must be submitted. Again the code must be displayed along with all 3 attempts and warmups.

Once all videos have been received and processed you will be sent details of the finals to be held online on Saturday 6th March.


Saturday morning of the 27th Feb you will receive a code.

Friday 5th March 8 pm - all prelim videos must be received.

Friday evening - you will receive details of the finals.

Saturday 6th March - Online Finals Day

For the finals, the Discord link is as below;


Recorded Prelims - Example 1 with a tournament display

Please note how the display and code are visible during the filming.

Recorded Prelims - Example 2 with timer only

Please note how the timer is display when reset and after each attempt. Also, the code is presented at the end of all attempts.


Date: March 01-07, 2021 at 8:00 am
Location: New Zealand
Type: Online - National
Deadlines / Fees: FREE - Jan 29 to Mar 1 - Standard Registration
Public: Open
Location: New Zealand
Child / Parent Top 0 per division

Tournament Director

Director: Richard Foster

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