OverviewWSSA 2020 Canada @ Home 3-6-3 Stacking Event


CANADIAN FAMILIES ONLY. There is no cost to enter! 3-3-3 results and levels are now available at www.sportstackingcanada.ca

In an attempt to help provide fun activities for CANADIAN FAMILIES online during this at home isolation, Sport Stacking Canada and Speed Stacks Canada have collaborated to bring you this online event. Our objective is to make this an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone involved! How to enter and the rules, in French and English, are now available by checking the document tab on the left side!

Don't forget to film only your 3 tries and try to film as close as possible showing the mat, cups, and your entire upper body. If you don't have a tournament display, then make sure your camera has time to focus on your time once you have completed a try.


Date: April 17, 2020 at 5:00 am
Location: Canada / Ontario
Type: Recreational - National
Deadlines / Fees: FREE - Apr 9 to Apr 17 - Standard Registration
Public: Open
Location: In Front of your camera
Your Home
Your town, ON St ACK

Tournament Director

Director: Jeffrey Howell

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