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Individual Overall Finals

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Timed Relay Overall Finals

Individual Divisions

Doubles Divisions

This tournament did not have doubles.

Timed Relay Divisions

This tournament did not have Timed Relay.

Reviewed Times

The following times were reviewed as potential records in the order we received the video. Depending on when we receive video from previous tournaments, a time below may have been reviewed but is no longer a potential record.

Division Event Time Athlete
6U M3-3-32.449Weiming Yang
6U M3-6-33.248Weiming Yang
Collegiate F3-3-31.960Yutong Jin
Masters 2 F3-3-32.550Yihong Lian
Masters 2 F3-6-33.114Yihong Lian
Masters 2 Fcycle8.907Yihong Lian
6UDoubles13.797Zhe Zhang & Wenxin Liao
6UDoubles13.851Zhe Zhang & Wenxin Liao
6UDoubles15.289Siming Huang & Weiming Yang
6U3-6-3 Relay23.442新秀战队
Wenxin Liao, Zhe Zhang, Wenhui Liao, Weiming Yang, Siming Huang
8UDoubles9.798Chuyi Chen & Junhao Huang
25+3-6-3 Relay21.395Team Name
Fan Yang, Qingming Chen, Jiaxi Ye, Yihong Lian
Child/Parent 10UDoubles11.083Chuyi Chen & Parent

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