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Rule Changes

Please note the recent rule updates for the new season:

  • 2021-2022 Season / v.8.0
    The area of concern is the transition between the 6-6 and the 1-10-1. In practice, stackers have blended this transition in a way that we allow, but is in conflict with the current rulebook. So we have updated the language to align with how this transition is performed by stackers today, and how we judge this transition. Our intent is for these changes to be more permissive to stackers. Here is a summary of the changes that stackers and coaches should be aware of:
    • The G5 timer must be attached to the mat with both buttons and in the correct orientation.
    • Stackers cannot use a single hand to activate more than 2 pads on the timer.
    • Stackers must start the timer with fingers on the top pads, right thumb on the right thumb pad, and left thumb on the left thumb pad.
    • Stackers must stop the timer with both hands.
    • Stackers can touch cups when starting and stopping the timer, but they cannot hold cups.
    • The G5 timer and mat must be used at all WSSA sanctioned competitions, but older versions of the timer and mat can be used in Online and Recreational tournaments.
    • Stackers in the standard divisions must use 4-pad mode at all WSSA sanctioned competitions.
    • Stackers in the Special Stacker divisions will use 2-pad mode at all WSSA sanctioned competitions (unless an individual chooses to stack in 4-pad mode).
    • Side judges are no longer needed for individual and doubles finals.
    • Judges are no longer required to say the stacker's name, division, and event to the camera in order for a potential record to be verified. They may do so if they like, but it is not needed to identify the stacker.

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